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Indulge and Relax in Lugano – Hotel Splendide Royal


©Hotel Splendide Royal

©Hotel Splendide Royal

If there is one place in Switzerland that I like the most, it’s Lugano city. This time we decided to stay in hotel Splendide Royal which proved to be a great choice. 

Lugano city is situated in Canton Ticino, in the southern part of Switzerland. It’s right next to Northern Italy which makes it a great connection point between these two countries. It’s famous for its hospitality as well as amazing culinary specialties such as polenta (a dish made of boiled cornmeal), Zincarlin cheese, cicitt sausages, and Merlot wine. 

Switzerland is a place where they don’t like to fight, so they get people to do their fighting for them while they ski and eat chocolate.

Larry David

Grotto Ticinese, is one of the restaurants that we never forget to visit when we are in Lugano. Their braised beef in Merlot with polenta and mushrooms would please any food critic. For dessert, we chose a chestnut ice-cream accompanied by caramelized chestnuts. A seasonal specialty that one shouldn’t miss.  

I can say that Lugano is like a refuge for us. We usually go there twice a year to see friends, eat great food and relax. This time we chose to stay in Splendide Royal Hotel, a beautiful belle-epoque hotel in the heart of Lugano with the view over the lake. 

©Hotel Splendide Royal

I always believed that location and customer service are the essential qualities for judging the hotel. Location- for the more centralized you’re, the easier it’s to get to know the city. And customer service is when it comes to 4- and 5-star hotels, what makes the difference — going one step further (when room service adds homemade cookies to your mint tea) or there is a coloring book ready for your child at her table. And a big plus- serving large soy cappuccinos.   

Aside from the above mentioned, what makes a hotel stand out, is the decor. Especially during the festive season. And one could truly feel Christmas, holiday and merry times in the Hotel Splendide Royal’s atmosphere. 


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