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Has Body Positivity Gone Mainstream? Are You Ready To Love Your Body?


Body positive/currently wearingWhen I was growing up, body positivity and acceptance were nowhere to be seen. Women’s magazines were filled with models that all looked the same: Caucasian, skinny and bored. That was the standard of beauty in the 90s’ and I didn’t fit in. I began to believe that if I had to change myself to be happy. I ended up with an eating disorder, skin whitening cream, and acne breakouts.

Jump forward 25 years to meet Winnie Harlow or Ashley Graham in the cover of Vogue magazine.

“A radical paradigm shift, but so simple, elegant, and intuitive. Love yourself and your body!*”

I couldn’t be happier that my daughter was born at times when she won’t feel the same pressure to be thin, have lighter skin and straight her. No matter how she looks, she can find a role model. And if she doesn’t find one, she can just be herself.  That’s what body positivity is about: loving and accepting yourself the way you are. It may be hard at the beginning but it’s the only way to living a full, accomplished life.

Accepting yourself the way you are is one thing. Find your size and dress fashionably is another. That’s when Happy Size comes handy. This fashion label has been designing modern and stylish clothes for men and women of any size for twenty years.

For this fall I picked these skinny black jeans and long-sleeve stripe t-shirt. Parisian chic that is not only stylish but comfortable and will look great with high boots and heels. What I like about Happy Size is that they offer shoes in large sizes. I am size 42,5 and it’s challenging to find stylish shoes in brick-and-mortar stores.

What do you think about body positive movement? And how do you feel about your body? Do you accept yourself fully? With your strengths and vices?

Photo by Alexander Ramp


*Quote by Brad Buchman, MD, college health physician