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Ready For the Full Bush? Conversation On Body Hair


2018 has been a big year when it comes to waxing, body hair and pubic hair. And not only in media. Among my girlfriends, options differ significantly. While my Czech friends embraced the trend full front, my Asian friends were quite opinionated when it came to Brazilian waxing and showing off your hairy armpits.

“Everyone has short stubble, long strands, or something in between. What you do with yours is up to you – grow it, get rid of it, or comb it. It’s your hair, after all.”

Personally, I believe that one should do what he/she feels comfortable with (in other words, shave/wax if you like) BUT accept that not everyone will follow. What’s so wrong with having hairy armpits? It’s more a matter of cultural conditioning than aesthetics. We’re brought up to believe that body hair is disgusting, dirty and ugly. But it does not mean that it truly is. A few decades ago, JLo or Beyoncé would be considered fat. Now we’re celebrating their “real” bodies and millions of women relate to them because who says that skinny = beautiful?

billie, body hair, pubic hair, currently wearingWe’re conditioned to believe that a woman has no hair. Considering that it’s so easy to watch porn on the internet, how do teenagers envisage women? Doesn’t it put pressure on our daughters to look a certain way to be considered pretty? Why shouldn’t we (women) have the right to decide how we want to treat our hair? We talk about equality and equal rights but first and foremost, we (women) should embrace our bodies the way they are. And as I said, if you want to remove your hair, feel free to do it but don’t shame those who don’t want.

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