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How To Build A Business That Responds To Real Need


Ownbrown/Currently Wearing Presents/BusinessThere are many ways to start a business: to do something meaningful, to fill a hole in the market or to cater to a real need. If you can fit all the reasons in one project, that’s even better.

Nadine, the founder of OwnBrown, is one of the few people I know that started her business out of all three reasons. As a woman of color, she struggled to find nude tights. Once she realized that she is not alone in this nude tights challenge, as she likes to call it, OwnBrown was born.

I met Nadine a year ago at Afrodyssée event. Her stand was like a bee-hive, full of buzz and excited shrieks of her customers. Her project made people happy. When I met her this year, again at the Afrodyssée, I couldn’t be happier. It took us five minutes of a wait before she got a moment to talk to us. Why did it make me happy? Because unlike other brands, she found her niche. And as a woman of color, I feel that someone finally listens and caters to my needs. And to the color of my skin because it IS a challenge to find the right shade. You either have to go tight-less or resign to wearing black tights.

This year Nadine launched a new project: nude lingerie for women of color. I received a pair, love the cut, the shade, and the fit, but more about it in today’s episode.

In this episode you’ll learn:

1. How to turn a hole in the market in a jackpot.
2. Why is important to build a business that caters to a real need?
3. How can you benefit from talking to your customers?
4. Why posts on social media that contain black models receive 70% fewer likes than posts with white models. And how you can change it.

Now, I would love to hear from you: do you struggle to find the right shade of nude tights and/or lingerie?



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