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88 Rue De Rhone – Accessible Swiss-Made Luxury Watches

88 Rue de Rhone, Swiss Made watch,Currently Wearing Presents

(Photo credit: 88 Rue de Rhone)

The first thing that I noticed after I moved to Switzerland, was how proud Swiss were of their mountains, chocolate, and Swiss-made watches. And don’t get me started on Roger Federer…


I do love watches, especially classic, chronograph Swiss-made watches but their design is either too “traditional” or they are too expensive for my budget. I don’t believe that you should save on watches. It’s kind of an investment and you could see it as an heirloom piece. I like watches that you can wear both at work and for a night out. A watch that’s elegant, modern and classy, as well as reliable, of an excellent quality and, if possible, accessible. When I discovered 88 Rue de Rhone, I fell in love with their modern and sleek design. The fact that they’re made in Switzerland is a cherry on a top.


I decided to interview Pierre Bernheim, the co-founder of 88 Rue de Rhone because I like both the brand and the people behind it. It is a dynamic,  experienced team that’s dedicated to delivering accessible Swiss luxury timepieces. In fact, accessible luxury is something that makes the brand different. And as Pierre mentions in the interview, this brand was born to be different.

88 Rue de Rhone has just launched a new Rive collection and I totally love the chronograph watch Rive 87WA174301. With its black dial punctuated with vibrant red accents, it’s a true eye-catcher. A perfect watch for a man that knows what he wants and wants to stand out. You can now get 10% off this watch at checkout (use code CURRENTLYWEARING) if you buy it on www.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why 88 Rue de Rhone watches stand out from watches in the same category.
  • What it means that a watch is Swiss-made.
  • Why being up in the air is the best way to get new ideas.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect to be profitable in the first three years of your business.
  • How to keep going when things get tough.
  • Whether it’s a good idea to work while you’re developing your business on the side.
  • That passion, skills, and even knowledge aren’t the most important prerequisites for success.

I am wearing Ann&Line blazer and a white t-shirt.

This interview was recorded in Les Philosophes in Geneva.


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