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The Only Way To Choose Sunscreen In 2018 : In Pharmacie Coop Vitality


Coop Vitality Pharmacie, Currently Wearing, Swiss mom blog, Swiss blogger
Coop Vitality Pharmacy/ Currently Wearing/ Swiss Fashion Blog/ Sunscreen
Coop Vitality Pharmacy/ Currently Wearing/ Swiss Fashion Blog/ Sunscreen

How do you choose sunscreen?  Did you know that you can get advice in Pharmacie Coop Vitality free of charge?

I found out about this service after we came back from our holiday. When we were in Costa Rica, we used sunscreens all day long. After three weeks, I started to wonder if it could do more harm than good. Are the chemicals absorbed by our skin? How often are we supposed to reapply sunscreen when we are on the beach? Could we develop Vitamin D deficiency?

So many questions and I was not able to answer them. I made an appointment with a pharmacist to get the answers from a professional.

“Normally, I look for answers online but consulting a professional in Pharmacie Coop Vitality has really helped.”

I was impressed how much the pharmacist knew. She listened to our needs and recommended sunscreens based on them. I liked that she did not push us to get a specific brand but left the choice on us. Thanks to her advice, we discovered new brands and practical packaging perfect for that won’t fill half of your handbag. I don’t know about you but oftentimes, I feel like a heavy lifter when I run around with Chloe-Sofia’s diaper bag.

Did you know that computers and mobile phones emit blue light so one should use sunscreen no matter whether she is in the office or on the beach.

Are you still debating whether you should consult a pharmacist before you buy sunscreen? Here is what you’ll learn if you give it a try:

  1. How sunscreens/ sunblocks work.
  2. What amount you should apply on your body and face.
  3. Why you should always choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  4. Which sunscreens are appropriate for children.
  5. Always start with high protection. For example, use SPF50+ for a week before you switch to SPF30+.
  6. Apply sunscreen every two hours if you’re exposed to the sun.
  7. Every time you come out of the water, reapply sunscreen (even if it is waterproof).
  8. Keep children younger than six months away from the sun. For older kids, use sunscreens for children and not for adults.

I consulted a pharmacist in Pharmacie Coop Vitality in Gland. This article is sponsored but opinions are my own.

sunscreen/sunscreens/currently wearing swiss blog/ la roche posay sunscreen
Coop Vitality Pharmacy/ Currently Wearing/ Swiss Fashion Blog/ Sunscreen
Coop Vitality Pharmacy/ Currently Wearing/ Swiss Fashion Blog/ Sunscreen
  • April Basi

    wow, this really helped, thanks. I never know how to shop for the right sunscreen!

  • Jessica

    This is such a lovely guide dear. I’d take note of these. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica |

  • Manisha

    Very informative post. I have been investing sunscreens since sun spots on my face, If I don’t use sunscreen, those spots come back. I always keep on in purse and two in the home.

  • Miri, this is such a helpful post! I am the worst mom ever when it comes to sunscreen. And how very cool that this service offers sunscreen free of charge. Because the stuff can be quite pricey!


    • Miri

      Oh no, I am sure you are not so bad! Big hugs my dear Shelbee. XOXO

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