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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion That Is Cool And Chic


This interview is in English.

What do you imagine when I say “ethical” or “sustainable fashion”? I love the idea of thinking before I make a purchase but when it comes to sustainable fashion the offer is not always very stylish. I can wear such clothes when I am on holiday or attend a yoga retreat but wearing them to work? Ehh, not exactly. To be totally honest, I did discover some incredibly fashionable ethical brands but they are too expensive for my budget.

Apesigned is one of the few brands that offer ethical, fair-trade and sustainable fashion that is both affordable and of a high-quality. The brand was established in Geneva and works with artisans and small family businesses in Vietnam and Switzerland. I know Jeanne, the founder since I started blogging and even featured her work several times on Currently Wearing.

Apesigned designs are gorgeous and flatter every shape and size. They are made for women, men and soon children. Every piece is unique and they offer tailor-made service as well. Has it ever happened that you liked a dress or a blouse but did not get it because of the material, print or color? As Jeanne explains in our interview, you can customize any of their designs. As long as it is possible, she will make it happen.

If you want to find out more about a sustainable fashion that is elegant and fun, don’t miss this interview.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why Jeanne decided to work with artisans and small family businesses in Vietnam and Switzerland.
  • How to successfully collaborate with people abroad.
  • That you don’t need to study fashion to become a fashion designer.
  • How to make ethical and sustainable fashion elegant and chic.
  • What Apesigned offers to men and children.
  • Why all of us should consider wearing clothes from sustainable fashion brands.

This interview was recorded in Hotel President Wilson in Geneva.


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