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A Day In A Life Of A Lifestyle Blogger

currently wearing /distressed hem jeans/pink cardigan
distressed hem jeans/pink cardigan/swiss fashion blog

Hi everyone,

It is Thursday and my weekend is starting as soon as I leave the office. Working 80% has its advantages: I can spend more time with Chloe-Sofia and work on the blog while she sleeps. Although that is proving more and more difficult since she naps only once a day now. And as I am most of the time tired, I take a nap with her.

That is why I started publishing articles only twice a week. I am tired. I don’t have the energy to publish three times a week anymore. Fall got to me like never before. I even started taking food supplements, add Spirulina in my morning smoothie and snack on Vitamin B, Magnesium and Chrome. The algae taste bad but it works wonders. I decided to publish the interviews only twice a month so that I can rest in the evenings when I come home from the office.

The other day one of my friends and a fellow blogger, Lizzie, published an article about a day as a blogger. Sometimes people say that they admire how I do it all. Well, most of the time I am just doing what is right in front of me and the rest has to wait. So if you wonder how a day in a life of a working mom/lifestyle blogger/wife looks like, here it is:

distressed hem jeans/pink cardigan

A Day In A Life Of A Lifestyle Blogger:

6 AM: Wake up. Prepare morning milk for Chloe-Sofia (Alex and I alternate). She usually falls asleep after she finishes her bottle.

6:15 -6:30 AM: Take a shower. Clean, moisturize and put a serum on my face. I am really big on serums lately.

6:30 AM: Wake up Alex (if he still sleeps). Dress up Chloe-Sofia, clean her face, nose (that is always a big fight as she hates when we clean her nose with a physiological serum).

6:45 AM: Prepare my green smoothie. Get dressed and put on my makeup.

7 AM: Trying to put a jacket on Chloe-Sofia and close her in the stroller. Read: chasing her up and down the house as she thinks that is fun running away.

7:15 AM: Leaving Chloe-Sofia in daycare. It is 5 minutes walk from our house so it is very convenient.

7:20 AM: Alex picks me up in front of the daycare and we drove to our favorite coffee place in neighboring village. I have my morning soy cappuccino and he gets croissants.

7:39 AM: Alex drives to his office while I take a train. The train stop is 10 minutes from my office and I like to walk a bit in the morning.


5:20 PM: Leave work to catch the train back home.

6 PM: Pick up Chloe-Sofia from daycare.

6:20 PM: Running around the house trying to take off her jacket, undress her a put her in the bathtub.

7 PM: Chloe-Sofia watches 2-3 of her favorite songs on TV. Right now is Coco Câline from Julian Doré and Chocolate from Lartiste.

7-8 PM: Alex cooks dinner. We all eat.

8 PM: Chloe-Sofia has her night bottle and goes to bed.

8-10 PM: I spend some time with Alex and work on my blog.

10 PM: Going to bed.

How does your day look like?

distressed hem jeans/pink cardigan
distressed hem jeans/pink cardigan/currently wearing

Blazer: Josephine & Co, (alternative), Jeans: Lois (similar style, now on sale), DIY t-shirt (white t-shirt), By Vanja Jocic hat.


Photos by Alex