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Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch

Tissot/Black Watch/Swiss fashion blog

 “It’s the Swissness at the very heart of Tissot that makes the brand such a distinguished one.”

What I like about this black Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch is its size. It is big but still looks great on my slim wrist. It is a special edition watch, issued for Unspunnen festival. I still prefer my “softer”, more feminine model but it was fun creating an outfit around this watch. And to make this article even more unique, I ask Romualdo Cerioni, Tissot’s Brand Manager for Swiss Market, to tell us a bit about the brand.

1. Could you introduce Tissot to our readers? What makes you different to other watch brands?

Tissot is the leader in the Swiss traditional watch segment when it comes to volume. Its identity is closely linked to its spirit of innovator by tradition. It is part of the brand’s DNA and has been a key contributor to its success.

2. Some of our readers may not know that Tissot belongs to Swatch group. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being part of a global company?

Tissot, belonging to the Swatch Group, the biggest watch group in the world, benefits from the expertise of industrial production companies within the group. Among them there is the Swiss movement manufacturer ETA SA that has been developing and producing calibres for the watch industry since 1793, Nivarox the leading Swiss specialist in the production of oscillating and escapement parts, that manufactures mechanical watch movements’ hearts, Universo, the leading European manufacturer of watch hands, Comadur, specialists in technologies and materials that expand the limits of the possible when it comes to hardness, precision, and miniaturisation that produce the sapphire glasses and many more. Thanks to that, Tissot, like its sister brands, can bring qualitative Swiss products onto the market that reflects the know-how of the country.

3. Do you think that smartwatches are here to stay or are they just a trend?

As with all novelties, smartwatches create an interest. Therefore, people that are not used to wearing watches may be attracted by those types of products and further become potential traditional watch customers once they are used to wearing something on their wrist.

That being said, connected watches are closer to electrical devices, such as iPhones, than they are to watches. They are practical when it comes to obtaining information like sports results or health-related data. On the other hand, the disadvantage of such a device is that the battery does not last and that it can be intrusive. In any case, a connected watch will never last as long as a traditional timepiece, especially a mechanical one that can be kept a lifetime and passed on to the next generation. Swiss watches and Tissot watches more particularly, have to provide accurate time but most importantly, they are about emotionality and beauty. This is why our daily business is to dress time.

Tissot/beautiful Watch/Currently Wearing
beautiful watch/ currently wearing/ Tissot Switzerland

4. Tissot is an official sponsor of Swiss Unspunnen festival. Why did you decide to support this famous event that celebrates Swiss alpine life, herdsmen, and traditional costumes?

It’s the Swissness at the very heart of Tissot that makes the brand such a distinguished one. The + in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag, symbolizing the quality and the reliability that watchmakers have proudly demonstrated since 1853. We have always remained at home in Le Locle in the Swiss Jura Mountains, keeping our Swiss identity at our core. Tissot watches are authentic and accessible, using special materials, advanced functionality and meticulous design detail to create pieces that are both precise and stylish and these are qualities that are much appreciated in Switzerland. Unspunnen is the perfect event to reflect that side of the brand. Furthermore, it is important for us to support home events such as these.

5. For this occasion, Tissot offers a limited edition of Unspunnen watches. Could you tell us something about it?

The special collection dedicated to this festival is composed of special editions of a Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar, that offers 20 tactile functions and is powered by solar energy and a more classical Tissot PR 100 for gent and one for ladies. What they have in common is that they all reflect the essence of the festivities perfectly thanks to their engraved watch casebacks that testifies to their exclusivity and the Edelweiss patterns that speak to their identity.

Tissot/Black Watch/Swiss fashion blog
Tissot/Black Watch/Swiss fashion blog
Tissot/Black Watch/Swiss fashion blog
Tissot/Black Watch/Swiss fashion blog

Watch: Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar, Top: Kiomi (similar), Jeans: Lois (similar style), Hat: By Vanja Jocic, Slip-ons: Birkenstocks, Handbag: Chanel.



PHOTOS BY: Surekha

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