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Beautiful White Handbag From Noleti

Currently Wearing/ Noleti/ swiss blog

This white handbag has become my favorite one. It is my second handbag from Noleti, a Swiss family-run business that I discovered a few months ago.

I am a bag person. I love handbags. And I am able to spend way too much on a dream bag than I should. I know… Guilty as charged! While some women “invest” in a makeup or sky-high heels, my Achilles heel are designer handbags. And thanks to an amazing selection offered by consignment stores in Geneva I managed to acquire quite a large collection.

Currently Wearing/ Noleti/ swiss blog
Currently Wearing/ Noleti/ swiss blog

On the other hand, I don’t get attached to my handbags. Many people find it surprising but when you think about it, getting your dream bag resembles a lot to the sugar rush. Once you get it, the excitement fizzles. From time to time I sell one or two when I realize that they are not as practical as they look.

For example, Céline’s Phantom is a gorgeous handbag but it is heavy and can not be closed with a zip. Gucci’s bag is nice but the quality is not as good as Fendi’s. Chanel is always a keeper and Chloé as well.

But when it comes to practicality, I prefer Noleti. Their bags are affordable and perfectly finished. They are handmade in Switzerland. And each bag is made by one artisan from start to finish. I love this approach.

This beautiful snow white handbag is from their new collection.  It is super practical and versatile. I can wear it over the shoulder when I am out with Chloe-Sofia or without the strap when I go to work. it is spacious, has plenty pockets. The leather is treated to withstand rain and shine so you don’t have to worry about it is soft leather. It is currently my most favorite handbag and I love how it turned out in these pictures.

Do you prefer wearing handbags from well-known brands or to support local producers whose products are of the same quality?

I can’t wait to read your answers. By the way, there is a really great article that one of my fellow bloggers published in August about the ways how luxury brands devalue the resale market. It is really an eye-opener.

Currently Wearing/ Noleti/ swiss blog
Currently Wearing/ Noleti/ swiss blog
Currently Wearing/ Noleti/ swiss blog


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Bag from Noleti

PHOTOS BY: Surekha

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