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Fun Summer Q&A


currentlywearing_Q&A_geneva blog currentlywearing_Q&A_geneva blogcurrentlywearing_Q&A_geneva blogToday I teamed up with The Blended Blog and several lovely ladies to do some fun Q&A about summer. Happy reading and have a wonderful Monday!


Photos by Surekha.

1.Pool, lake or an ocean?

Ocean, definitely. A pool is fun if you live in a city, a lake is cool when you have no access to the sea but if you live by the say, nothing can replace it. That being said, I live in Switzerland and Lake Geneva is my only haven.

2. Camping, cottage or hotel?

Well, when I was younger, I liked camping. The older (and more comfortable) I am in favor of hotels.

3. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Stracciatella and Jamaica.

4. PJ’s, Nightgowns, T-Shirt/Shorts or Birthday Suit?

Well, there is a discrepancy between what I wear because it is practical and what I would love to wear to feel sexy. The reality rests with PJ’s.

5. Fave Summer Beverage?

Homemade sugar-free lemonade.

6. Would you rather be hot or cold?

Hard to say but as long as we don’t go to extremes, I prefer hot.

7. Sandals with heels or flats?

Sandals with heels for a date night with Alex and flats for the day.

8. Shorts or skirts?

Skirts, I love the knee-length or maxi skirts.

9. Sit in the sun or the shade?

I always prefer shade. If I am in the sun, I have to wear a hat not to get a headache.

10. Water, tea or soda?

Water or herbal tea.

11. Fave summer fruit or vegetables?

Cherries and cucumber.

12. Sunrise or sunset?


13. Bike ride or walk?

Walk, especially if I can walk with Alex and Chloe-Sofia.

14. Winery or brewery?


15. Garden or no garden?

Garden even if I don’t have green hands.

16. Big summer concert or music in the park?

I like both. Music in the park because it is romantic and big summer concert for the energy and people.

17. Fave cookout food?

Grilled chicken breast with vegetables.

18. Dine indoors or patio?

Ohh, patio. That is what summer is for, isn’t it?

19. Fave summer destination?

Anything with a beautiful nature….such as Costa Rica.

20. Big theme park or local carnival?

Local carnival- it is smaller and more relaxed.

21. Drinks blended or on-the-rocks?

Blended. I love frozen Margarita.

22. Popsicle or freezie flavour of choice?

Strawberry is my favorite.

23. Hot Dog or Hamburger?

There is a gourmet restaurant in Geneva that makes hamburgers (the meat is from local producers) and you can have it wrapped in an ice-berg salad instead of a bun. So that is my answer.



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