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Coin Pendant Necklace


currently wearing /coin pendant necklace currently wearing/ coin pendantcurrently wearing /coin pendant necklace / blog mode / swiss blogHi everyone,

How is your day going so far? Today I would like talk about this heirloom necklace. My mother-in-law gave it to me after I gave birth to Chloe-Sofia. It is a gold-plated Swiss coin from 1935. It is beautiful but I must admit that at the beginning, I was not sure how to style it. At first, I wore it only with dresses and pretty balloon skirts. It was safe an easy. Now I discovered its seductive side when I wear it on bare skin. It is raw, simple and sexy.

Ancient coins (and in fact, all antiques per se) have this magical power- they make me ponder about life. In particular, those times that my grandmother remembers with a nostalgy in her voice. I wonder if I do the same when I am her age knowing that the “Golden Age” she is talking about was created by her selective memory. It is not based on real facts. Our brain is programmed to forget negative things that happened and focus on the positive ones.

What strikes me the most is how different our minds are. Just think about it: my grandmother is only 86 years old but can’t imagine and does not understand what is WIFI or iCloud. Her brain is wired differently and she was born only half a century before me.

My mom believes that (from the metaphysical point of view) time spins faster. That translates into development on both mental and technological level, but also in fast lifestyle that brings more stress and pressure.

And during those stressful days, when I look at my coin pendant necklace, I remember to slow down and take a breather. Give a try. It may have the same positive effect on you! You can easily find ancient Roman coin necklaces made of bronze or brass on the internet at Christ. I love this modern alternative. It is elegant, chic and will go well with just about anything.

Photos: Surekha


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