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How to Style Your Cut Off Shorts


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I have had these cut off shorts forever. They have a bit of Lycra in them which makes them really comfortable and they fit like a glove. I admit that shorts, mini skirts, simply anything above the knee, do not make me feel comfortable. I am really conscious about my legs and tights. But truth be told, I hit a certain age where I stopped caring. I mean, I started accepting my body the way it was made. I have a daughter and how can I truly tell her that she looks beautiful if I put myself down? Do I want to create another neurotic, body obsessed teenager? I am sorry, ladies, but the work has to start with us. We have to learn loving and accepting ourselves, embracing our differences so that our daughters feel inspired by us and can do the same. Well, I may not have skinny, lean legs like Anna Kournikova but I will not beat myself over it anymore.

The other day I read an article on how not to get stuck in a fashion rut. And quite frankly, I have been there since I got pregnant. Hands up who is feeling the same, ladies. I keep wearing the same style of dresses, skirts, and jeans over and over again because it is safe and it works.

So the question that I have for you is: should you change something that works? Does it make you a boring person if you play it safe when it comes to fashion?

And how do you challenge yourself to evolve and grow? Because, more often than ever, if you try something new, you may be surprised how well it works. So get out there and start trying!

J‘ai ces shorts denim coupés depuis toujours. Ils ont un peu de Lycra qui les rendent vraiment confortables et se portent comme un gant. J’avoue que je ne me sens pas à l’aise en shorts, mini jupes ou tout ce qui est au-dessus du genou. Je suis parfaitement consciente de mes jambes et cuisses. Mais la vérité dite, j’ai atteint un âge où j’ai cessé de m’en faire. Je veux dire par là que j’ai commencé à accepter mon corps comme il est. J’ai une fille, dès lors comment puis-je lui dire qu’elle est belle si moi-même je me laisse aller? Veux-je créer une autre adolescente névrosée et obsédée par son corps. Désolé, mes très chères, mais le travail commence par nous. Nous devons apprendre à nous aimer et à nous accepter, embrasser nos différences afin que nos filles se sentent inspirées par nous et puissent faire de même. Eh bien, je n’ai peut-être pas des jambes filiformes et maigres comme celles d’Anna Kournikova, mais je ne veux plus culpabiliser.

L’autre jour, j’ai lu un article sur comment éviter de s’habiller toujours pareil. Et franchement, depuis la grossesses je n’ai fait que cela. Mes très chère, sincèrement, qui n’a pas fait de même. On porte le même style de robes, jupes et jeans encore et encore car c’est rassurant et ça marche.

Donc, la question que je vous pose est la suivante: devons nous changer quelque chose qui fonctionne? Est-ce que cela vous rend ennuyeuse si vous jouer la carte de la sécurité en matière de mode?

Quels défis vous lancez vous afin d’évoluer et de grandir? Car plus que jamais, lorsque vous essayez quelque chose de nouveau, vous allez être surpris de voir comment cela fonctionne bien. Alors, allez-y et commencez à essayer.


Cut off shorts from H&M (embellished by myself, DIY tutorial coming soon), off-the-shoulder top from Topshop,  summer coat from Maddison, sandals from Gabor, handbag from Chanel, straw hat from byVanjaJocic.


Photos by Surekha.

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  • Jessica

    First off, those shorts look amazing. I love that you paired it with an easy white top! What a cute combo!

    Jessica |

  • Jennifer

    You look stunning Miri!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Miri

      Thank you, sweetie. XO

  • Len Parent

    You’re so pretty, Miri! Love the entire look! You are so flawless! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Much love, Len

  • Valerie

    These cut off shorts are so cute! I love how you styled it with the off the shoulder top and super cute hat!

    • Miri

      Thank you, Valerie. XO

  • Kara Aragon

    Cute cold-shoulder top. Love the styling.

    Kara Aragon

  • Adi

    Gorgeous look! I love the shorts!
    Adi xx

  • MimaMochi

    There is so much joy and happiness in your expressions in each shoot you share! You can tell that you’re at a place of accepting yourself and this reflects in the pics. You own every outfit you wear and are going to be such a great role model for your little girl.

    As for the rut, it can be so hard sometimes feeling inspired. I think the best thing is choosing a location that inspires you and plan everything around that 🙂

    Adrianna xx


    • Miri

      Ohhh, you are so kind, Adrianna! Thank you, sweetie. Big hugs

  • toyas tales

    I totally agree with accepting your yourself and body because if we don’t we reinforce toxic messages about a very narrow standard of beauty that is not healthy or true. You look fantastic in your shorts and I like how you styled it with an off the shoulder top and waterfall jacket.

  • Vanessa

    You look adorable in these cut offs! I love how you styled them with the off-the-shoulder top, it looks so cute and casual! This is such a perfect summer look!


    • Miri

      Thank you, V! Big hugs to you and your beautiful boys!! XO

  • Nistha Saraf

    Shorts are super cute. You look chic babe!!

  • Siffat Haider

    Cutoffs are such a staple for me over the summer. They are so versatile! I love how you styled yours – it’s so effortless!

    • Miri

      Thank you, Siffat! Have a wonderful rest of the week! Hugs

  • jodie filogomo

    Such a great look Miri!

  • Gemma

    Such lovely ideas. I love the light blue duster coat.

    Gemma x

    • Miri

      Ohh, thank you, dear! How are your children? Big hugs

  • Challenging yourself in fashion is a good thing. You look amazing in these cut offs! Such a chic casual look.

    • Miri

      Thank you so much, Kathrine. XO

  • Nancy

    Oh come on! You have great legs dear!

  • Laurie

    I like to dress the classic way and keep up to date with accessories. At 54 I still have the confidence to wear what I like and don’t let anyone tell me otherwise. But on the other hand, I know what looks right/wrong. You look fabulous in these shorts and I’m trying to fathom out why you have a problem with those lovely legs?!!

    • Miri

      Haha, you are so funny, Laurie. I love your last sentence. I don’t know. I just don’t like my legs. That is my “Anna Kournikova” complex :-)))

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