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Looking back at 42nd Paléo Festival Nyon


2017 Paleo Festival Nyon_currently wearing(©Paléo, Mamiguet)Paleo Festival nyon 2017 (both photos ©Paléo, npatault)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Hope your weekend went well and you are all ready for the new week.

We spent the last four nights at Paléo Festival Nyon which during its 42nd edition did not disappoint. I still can’t believe that whopping 230, 000 people attended since its opening night on Tuesday. And let’s not forget the 4,800 of volunteers without which the festival would not be possible. I admire them. They take time off work or from their holiday to come and work for free. It is really impressive and hats down to each and every one of them.

Another group of attendees that I admire is the campers. Can you imagine that there were about 9,000 campers every night? If sleeping in a tent is not your cup of coffee, you can try a bit upscale version Pal’Asse. I chickened out this year but I may surprise you in 2018!

We saw many amazing musicians and new talents but the most unforgettable will remain Jamiroquai and Black M. I have been a fan of Jamiroquai since I was sixteen. And even after his back injury, he still managed to give a flawless show. Black M, on the other hand, was a bit of a surprise. I like his work but could not imagine him live. And surprise, surprise, he was amazing. His show and especially the dancers were the best. It brought me back to my teenage years and the time when I was doing modern dance, performed in front of public and dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. Those ladies were out of this World. I was hypnotized… And I wanted to be one of them!

Any regrets? I should have taken the whole week off work to be able to see Julien Doré and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is really hard to attend during the week if you have to go to work the next day. So lesson learned.

The 43rd Paléo Festival Nyon will take place from 17- 22 July 2018 and the line-up will be revealed on 20th March with tickets going on sale on 28th March.

Click here to listen to an interview that I did with Jalen N’Gonda.

P.S.: Photos without credit were taken by Alex.


2017 Paleo Festival Nyon_currently wearing

2017 Paleo Festival Nyon_currently wearing
2017 Paleo Festival Nyon_currently wearing
2017 Paleo Festival Nyon/ jamiroquai
2017 Paleo Festival Nyon_currently wearing
2017 Paleo Festival Nyon_currently wearing
(©Paléo, npatault)
currently wearing/paleo festival nyon(©Paléo, jrattaz)Paleo Festival nyon 2017(©Paléo, Pierre Descombes)
(©Paléo, npatault) (©Paléo, Anne Colliard)