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Since Chloe-Sofia was born, we visited IKEA several times to get cute boxes for her toys and soft folding gym mats. Long before we needed to baby proof our home, my sister recommended that we visit Ikea to get an idea of what we might need. I was looking for some products from brands that I like online but they were just too expensive. In the end we decided to try Ikea safety products because they are much more affordable.


They are cute, practical and easy to fix.

Protection angle

Ils sont jolis, pratiques et faciles à installer.

corner bumper/ Patrull/Ikea/currently wearing


Practical and versatile way to secure cupboards, fridge, bathroom cabinet or anything else your child will try to open & investigate.

Bloque porte à gliss

Pratique et une manière polyvalente de sécurisé armoires, frigos, meubles de la salle de bain ou quelconque autre chose que votre enfant essaie d’ouvrir ou découvrir.

Ikea/door lock


The safety plugs reduce the risk of your child sticking their finger or an object into a wall outlet. If you plan to baby proof your house, safety plug is indispensable.

Obturateur de prise

L’indispensable. Un sachet des ceux-ci vous permettront de garder votre maison en sécurité.

Ikea /safety plug/ safety plug


Not exactly an item to baby proof but we use them daily since Chloe-Sofia started eating solids. They are made of plastic, make no noise when she throws them on the floor and they are microwave safe.


Pas exactement un article baby proof mais on les utilisent chaque jour depuis que Chloe-Sofia a commencé à manger des solides. Ils sont fabriqués en plastic, ne font pas de bruit lorsqu’elle les jette par terre et ils sont utilisables au microondes.

SMASKA/Ikea bowls






I will keep this all in mind for when I have kids. Thanks for sharing Miri!

xx Jennifer
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Great ideas, it’s so important to do!!
Have a lovely day 🙂
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Thank you, sweetie. XO


Oh I love how you also provide articles in french! It’s so important to baby proof your place and I don’t think everyone knows how to do it from the get go. Thank you for sharing your tips!



Thank you for stopping by, Didier. Have a lovely start of the week and avoid Tinder! :-)))


Wow,fantastic post very useful 🙂



I never thought to look at Ikea for baby items! These all look great!

Pumps and Push-Ups


Thank you for stopping by, sweetie. XO

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