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Be Bold With Sephora Lip Stain


lip stain/ sephora/currently wearinglip stain/ sephora/currently wearing

(Version française ci-dessous)

I am not so big on lipsticks. In fact, I consider them a nuisance. First, you can’t give a kiss to your partner, you can stain your clothes while you undress and all your cups at work are “marked”. But as life is about changes, challenges and welcoming new things to our lives, I teamed up with Sephora to try their new Lip Stain palette.

At first I thought that Lip Stain was just another type of lip gloss. I am very doubtful when asked to try new things but I was pleasantly surprised. Lip Stain is something between lip gloss (without the gloss) and long-lasting lipstick. If you are looking for rich and bold colors, you will love it. I like that it dries fast, has a silky finish and your lips won’t get sticky. It lasted until late afternoon even when I had lunch, several coffees and glasses of water.

There are 40 colors in the palette thus everyone can easily find their favorite. Some of the lip stains are very bold, others more natural but it really depends on your taste. My favorites are:

Color 05 Infinite Rose – satin golden peach ($14.00) – Perfect for 9-to-5 chic. One layer suffice.
Color 12 African Violet – Rich, bold and perfect for night out.

Comme la vie est faites des changements et j’aime les défier, je me suis associée à Sephora pour vous présenter leur nouveauté: Rouge velouté sans transfert. Imaginez un lipgloss (sans brillant) et un rouge à lèvres durable. Il dure toute la journée même après un repas, deux cafés et plusieurs verres d’eau.

Je préfère celui-ci au lipgloss, car avec ce dernier mes lèvres deviennent collantes est trop brillantes. Je sais que cela semble ridicule, car le point d’un lipgloss est de rendre vos lèvres sexy et séduisantes. Mais je préfère beaucoup plus les lèvres mats.

Le Rouge velouté sans transfert existe en 40 colories et mes favorites sont: Couleur 05 Infinite Rose et Couleur 12 African Violet.

lip stain/ sephora/currently wearinglip stain/ sephora/currently wearingPhotos by Alex.



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