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Blush Pink Summer Dress and Nude Tights


Blush pink/ summer dress / currently wearingLet’s have a look at this dress. Doesn’t it represent perfectly what is in fashion right now? Blush pink, off the shoulder tops and, of course, ruffles. And  it is a wrap dress which makes it even more attractive. When you have curves and want to look elegant and sexy, wrap dress is the way to go. I used to live in them when I put on weight as a teenager (after spending time as an exchange student in Paris) and I will never get bored of them. I chose this summer dress because it reminds me of Diane von Furstenberg designs but it is much more affordable (30,00 € if you can believe it). Diane is a woman of style and grace, a #womanboss that is smart and beautiful. Who is your fashion icon?


Blush pink/ summer dress / currently wearing
Blush pink/ summer dress / currently wearing
Blush pink/ summer dress / currently wearing
Few weeks ago I met Nadine from Ownbrown, a fashion brand that makes nude tights for women of color. You might have not noticed but finding the right tone when your skin is not white poses a challenge. Either you end up looking like you borrowed legs from a dead person or you give up and resort to wearing black. I have at least ten pairs of black tights from Wolford. Yes, they are all black and  it is b-o-r-i-n-g.

When I found out that Ownbrown developed their tights with experts from Wolford and Falke, I knew I had to try them. I have few pairs of Falke tights (which is a Swiss brand) but I am more of a Wolford girl. At least I used to be until I tried Ownbrown.

Unlike Wolford their prices are reasonable (9£ for 20den tights) and the quality is the same. I am wearing “Amani” shade which is closest to my natural skin tone. The tights are velvety soft but not as soft as Wolford, which is good. I have destroyed several 20den Wolford tights and stopped wearing them because it does not make sense to pay arm and a leg for tights that won’t last.

Do you have a favorite tights brand? And do you sometimes feel that you can’t find the tone that you desire?Blush pink/ summer dress / swiss blogbeautiful summer dress/ currently wearingswiss blog/ swiss influencer/currently wearing

Photos by Surekha Yeshwanth.


Bik Bok LARA dress 30,00 € (love this cold shoulder wrap dress, $49, as an alternative )

Topshop NANCY mules, now on sale for 59,50 € 

Ownbrown tights

Chanel handbag (alternative: BP. faux leather handbag, $35 or  J.Crew Edit bag, $98)



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