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Mother’s Day Brunch at Hotel President Wilson


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When I heard that Hotel President Wilson organizes Mother’s Day Brunch (in Switzerland we celebrate Mother’s Day on 14 May), I thought it was an amazing idea. And not only because I am a mother and love to go for brunch. It is one of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day because you will be with your mom.

What comes to your mind when you think of your mom? I remember picking up strawberries on a farm and making marmalade with my mom and my sister. I reminisce about the time we spent together not about material gifts. Memories are all that matter…

I realized that brunch is the best way to meet your family and friends when you have a baby. Since Chloe-Sofia started going to bed around 8pm, we stopped going out for dinner. Saturdays are dedicated to doing groceries and trust me, everything slows down once you have a baby. By the time you get to the mall, find a parking space, change her diapers and sit down to have a coffee (first of the day to help you wake up and feel human again), an hour is gone. In other words, we are left only with Sundays as our days off. And that is why we love so much to go for brunch.

On our brunch escapades we got to know many good places in Geneva. We are creatures of habit and come back to those that are worth it. It is not only about the setting, the quality of food and service must relate to the price.

What I liked about brunch in Hotel President Wilson was the quality and choice of food: different types of bread, cold and warm dishes, huge selection of desserts, fresh juices and great coffee. It was opulent and hard to make a choice. You’d better not eat a day before to be able to taste it all (or as my dear friend J likes to say “to pig out”).

It was nice to see people with small kids as well as elderly couples. Most of the time, we are the only ones with a baby and people are not very sympathetic when Chloe-Sofia throws a tantrum. It was nice to feel welcomed. Hotel President Wilson is very child-friendly in fact. The restaurant is easy to access with a stroller, there is enough space around the table for a high chair (and stroller) and you’ll find changing mats in the bathrooms. It may seem normal but you would be surprised by the number of restaurants in Geneva that are not child-friendly.

If you are interested, Mother’s Day brunch at Hotel President Wilson is CHF98 for adults (incl. water and soft drinks) and CHF50 for children from 6 to 12 years. Reservations at

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day?



White tank top from Topshop only €20, Carolle white skirt (similar style, €20, loving this one, 59,99 € ), Furla Mini Metropolis handbag and Gucci lace-up sneakers (loving these Stan Smith’s, €89.95 or these from New Balance, €75).

Chloe-Sofia wears dress from Carter’s (similar dress, 22,90 € or tulle dress, $34)

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