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The Best Trail Shoes Not Only for Costa Rica


Columbia Sportswear/ Women's Conspiracy™ IV Outdry Trail Shoedior sunglasses_ couture hat Women's Conspiracy™ IV Outdry Trail Shoe / currently wearingBy vanja Jocic / felt het / Laure Paschoud Women's Conspiracy™ IV Outdry Trail Shoe Women's Conspiracy™ IV Outdry Trail Shoecouture hat / felt hat/ currently wearing Women's Conspiracy™ IV Outdry Trail Shoe

Hello from beautiful and sunny Costa Rica! We arrived to San José on Friday after long flight via Madrid. We are still recovering from jet leg but Little Miss Sunshine is doing well and that is all that matters. I can’t wait to share photos from the beach with you! But now back to today’s topic:

I am sure that it has already happened to you. You got a pair of shoes, put them on for the first time and never took them off. I mean, you loved them so much that you wore them ad nauseum. I love my Vans and Hogan sneakers but have I worn them lately? Hmmm, no. Since I got Women’s Conspiracy™ IV Outdry Trail Shoes, I wear them all the time. Literally. I wear them to work (I change into more formal shoes in the office) and over the weekend.  And I wore them on the plane to Costa Rica as well. They may not be the most gorgeous and stylish sneakers on the market but they are super comfortable and light as a feather.

Knowing that I had to take hiking shoes to Costa Rica, I was looking for shoes that would be lighter than my regular hiking ones. Originally, I got them because they are waterproof and lighter than my hiking shoes. We are going to visit coffee farms, volcanoes and rain forests and those are not the places where you would wear heels. To make the story short, I got these trail shoes and can’t get enough of them.

Few weeks, when we were having breakfast in our hotel in Lugano, I wore them with a black slip dress. I was going to attend a conference later that morning so I dressed up, did my hair and makeup but did not want to wear heels during breakfast. And as we sat down to eat, Alex draw my attention to an elderly couple who was staring at my shoes in shock. Well, that is what you call a generational gap, I guess.

Do you also wear sneakers with formal outfit or on your way to work?


Women’s Conspiracy™ IV Outdry Trail Shoe in shark/sea ice color(c/o), Tommy Hilfiger jeans (old, similar from Diesel), Atelier Laure Paschoud jacket (found a similar style from Ellen Tracy), By Vanja Jocic couture felt hat and Dior sunglasses (similar affordable version by BP. Retro).

Photos by Alexander Ramp.