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New Look of Chloe-Sofia’s Bedroom


Stokke Sleepi Bed/FLYTTBAR IKEA storage box

When we were designing Chloe-Sofia’s bedroom, we thought of many things: changing table, bed, night lights, diaper bin, closet and storage boxes for clothes.

Several of my friends recommended that I get simple plastic boxes from Ikea to store her clothes. I was not so sure at first but soon I had to agree that it was the best idea. I did not have to open drawers to look for her clothes. You could see what was in which box. I still use some of the see-through plastic boxes for her socks and bibs but most of her clothes have moved to the drawer next to her changing table.

Now, as she is at a different development stage, we need storage boxes for toys. We got these FLYTTBAR underbed storage boxes from Ikea that are cute, colorful and affordable (CHF 12.95/$9.99 ). Chloe-Sofia loves them and the room looks clean and organized.

When she was seven months old, we got Stokke Sleepi Bed. It  is a convertible bed that “grows” with your baby until 10 years of age. You just need to get an extension kit to make it larger. I have already shared with you the process of putting it together. So today I would like to concentrate on its other advantages.

As you can see from the photos, it has four different levels of mattress base. At the beginning we put it on the highest level. And when Chloe-Sofia learned to sit by herself and pull herself up, we lowered it to make sure she won’t climb over. Well, she would not be able to climb over yet but she could fall off. It was very easy to change the levels ( I did it myself in less than 20 minutes).

FLYTTBAR IKEA storage boxes/Stokke Sleepi Lit

FLYTTBAR storage boxesbedroom/ FLYTTBAR IKEA storage boxes

Upper lower level of mattress baseStokke Sleepi Bed/higher low level

Lower highest level of mattress basebedroom /FLYTTBAR IKEA storage boxes/Stokke Sleepi Lit

FLYTTBAR storage boxesFLYTTBAR IKEA storage box

Lower highest level of mattress baseStokke Sleepi Bed/ FLYTTBAR IKEA storage box

Lowest level of mattress baseStokke Sleepi Bed/currently wearing

If there is one thing that we would like to change, it is the sleepy bumper. Chloe-Sofia keeps pulling it down and puts her legs through the trails. We would need a bumper which is at least 50 centimeters higher. Otherwise we love the bed dearly. We can easily move it to our bedroom when she is sick. It is made of solid wood…. It is beautiful….Well, to put it simply, it is the best children’s bed on the market.

Lower highest level of mattress baseStokke Sleepi Bed/ FLYTTBAR IKEA storage box 1


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