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Blue Capsule Dress and Vintage Chanel Bag


Blue capsule dress Blue capsule dressBlue capsule dressBlue capsule dress Blue capsule dress Blue capsule dress Blue capsule dress Blue capsule dress

This blue capsule dress is one of my favorite from Missguided. Their dresses are affordable, feminine and made for woman’s body. I have already featured several of their dresses not because they sponsor me (the do not) but because I really like their designs. I am sure it has a lot to do with feeling well and sexy when I wear one of their dresses.

And since I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I like to celebrate it. It was not easy. I am sure that any woman who had a baby (or babies) would agree. Getting your body back is a hard work. I don’t have time to exercise so it really took 10 months to loose the baby weight in a natural (lazy) way. I just ate healthy 80% of the time, walked a lot and carried Chloe-Sofia a lot. She weights 10 kilos so my back can feel it now. I think that if you are patient and really follow healthy regimen day by day, month by month, you will see the results.

Nevertheless, I love this capsule dress. It makes me feel confident and attractive. Not to mention that it fits like a glove. I recommend getting your size or going one size up if you are big busted. It is a bit tight around the chest. If you are small chested, like me, get a push-up bra with removable straps.

I wore it with sparkly heels (sold out but these are lovely), Wolford tights, vintage Chanel handbag and an umbrella. Apologies if you are getting fed up with my “under the umbrella shots” but it is been raining most of the weekends.

Anyhow, I hope you liked this dress. Thank you for stopping by and for all your comments. They mean a lot to me.

XOXO, Miri

Photos by Alexander Ramp.



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