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Current Favorite Products for Home and Baby


Products for home and baby / currently wearingSome time ago I shared list of my baby essentials. It was at the beginning, when Chloe-Sofia was only few months old. As she grew, I discovered new products and brands that make my days and traveling with her much easier.


I got to know the brand last year when I met their representatives in Paris. It is the most popular brand in the Netherlands and it is gaining popularity in Switzerland.

We use their S-bottle, insulated bottle bag and pacifiers:

  • their innovative  S-bottle has original and unique form which allows easier feeding of the baby. It is ergonomic, anti-colic and BPA free.
  • insulated bottle bag – keeps milk/ tea warm for over 3 hours. You can also use it for cold drinks in summer.
  • their pacifiers are harder than the others that you can find on the market. Because they are hard, baby does not chew on them.

Difrax insulated bottle bagDifrax milk bottle Difrax pacifier / currently wearing

Food Storage Containers

  • up to 140 ml
  • for fresh fruits and veggies as well as other foods (yogurt, fruit puree, crackers, etc.)

Difrax Food Storage Containers

In Switzerland you can find Difrax in pharmacies and stores with products for children such as Au Berceau d’ Or, Aubert, etc.

Alphanova bébé

  • Their diaper cream (Eryzinc) helps to heal baby rash and unlike other diaper creams, it does not stick to the diaper.
  • At home I prefer to use their Olive Cleansing Lotion to clean Chloe-Sofia when I change her diaper. When we are out and about, their soft, thick wet wipes proved to be the best.
  • We tried several shampoos and cleaning lotions but so far their 2 in 1 Shampoo and Ultra Rich Gel (for face and body) are the most gentle to her sensitive skin.
  • In Switzerland, you can find it in pharmacies as well as certain stores for kids such as Aubert.

Alphanova BebeAlphanova bebe baby wipesUltra rich body gel_Alphanova BebeAlphanova 2 in 1 Shampoo


  • one of the most famous brands for kids. We use their teethers and feeding spoons that change color when the temperature is too high. Not so long ago I discovered this fresh food feeder (below) which makes eating fruits safe. Just put a piece of fresh fruit inside the mesh, close it and that is all. We use it for ripe bananas but you can put in any fruit you like.

Formula Dispenser

  • very practical when you are out and when you travel.

milk dispenser / munchkin

Bag holder

  • Allows you to keep you hands free (and on the stroller) when you are shopping. We use it on both of our strollers (Babyzen YOYO+ and Stokke Xplory).

Munchkin bag holder

stroller bag holder

Car Backseat Organizer

  • Another product that I find practical and helpful. I use it in the car or on our stroller when I don’t want to take the whole diaper bag.

backseat and pushchair organiser_Munchkin / currently wearing

In Switzerland, you can find Munchkin in pharmacies and stores with baby products that I mentioned earlier.


  • I use their clementine flavored liquid soap to wash dishes and Chloe-Sofia’s bottles, teething toys and pacifiers. It is biodegradable, made of non-toxic, naturally derived ingredients and the bottle is made of post-consumer recycled plastic and recovered ocean plastic. Not only that it cleans perfectly, it makes me feel that I do something for the environment.
  • In Switzerland it is currently available in Manor department store.

Method All-purpose cleaner / Manor / currently wearing


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