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Beef & Peas Faux Pierogi with Beyond Food


Pierogi / Beyond Food Today I would like to share with you another culinary success with Beyond Food. For those who have not heard of this service yet, it is a Swiss version of Blue Apron. A flexible subscription service (available only in the canton of Geneva) that delivers once a week everything you need to prepare three meals at home. They deliver the right amount of ingredients for each dish so all you have to do is follow instructions. And chop the veggies.

It was the first time that I cooked red meat. I have already mentioned before that my mom was a vegetarian and we did not eat meat at home. So it comes as no surprise that I excel at cooking vegetable based dishes but suck at all the rest. I truly admire my friends from the Philippines, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Singapore (you know who you are, ladies) who are true mavens when it comes to cooking. Truth be told, I don’t enjoy cooking so I admire them without feeling bad or inferior. I started eating meat when I wasΒ  pregnant. And I do still prefer eating veggies but at least I can enjoy having dinner with my meat-loving friends.

I have to be honest. I tried to persuade Alex to take the lead when Beyond Food delivered the food. Even if it is super simple, ready and all ingredients delivered under your nose, I still try to weasel out of it. All I needed to do was cut some onion, cook the meet and make the pierogi. So what is the big deal, right? I should be ashamed, I know. But I am not, ha ha.

If you ask me or Alex what we like about Beyond Food the most it is the quality of products and portions which are very generous. I like it because I can take the leftovers to work for lunch.Pierogi / Beyond FoodPierogi / Beyond Food

Beef & Peas Faux Pierogi with Mixed Salad Greens

Cooking time: 25 mins

Included in the bag:
200g Ground beef
50g Grated cheese
30g Potato starch
120ml Milk
1 Dough
1 Garlic clove
100g Salad
5g Thyme
80g Peas
1 Onion

What you need to have at home:
Olive oil

– Warm up the milk, add potato starch, grated cheese and mix. Save for later.
– Dice the onion, fry it in a pan until golden brown, add beef, pees, thyme, pressed garlic, salt, pepper and mix. Cook for about 5 minutes and set aside.
– Unroll the dough, place a glass/ small bowl on it to cut out circles.
– Spread a layer of the potato and cheese mix on every circle and add a little bit of the beef garnish. Fold half of the circle over the other half and pinch the edge to secure the pierogi.
– The recipe suggest to fry the pierogi in a pan with oil or butter but that would be too heavy and greasy.Β  Instead, I baked them for 35 minutes on 200 degrees and they came out perfectly.

Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tbsp of vinegar, 1 tbsp of mustard, salt and pepper. Mix with the green salad in a bowl.

Serve with the pierogi. Pierogi / Beyond Foodbeyond food_currently wearing


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