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Having My Nails Done in The Nail Bar


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How often do you have your nails done?

There is a pressure when you are a beauty or a fashion blogger on looking prim an polished all the time. If I were a student and had more time on my hands, I would easily confirm to this presumption. In an ideal blogger world, I would go for a facial at least once a month, curl my hair before every photo shoot and have beautiful nails.

But I work, have a baby, a husband and this blog. I try to juggle it all and whether I like it or not, I have to prioritize. I blog when Chloe-Sofia falls asleep and most of the time Alex goes to bed way before me. I would love to have perfect nails and wear flawless makeup to work but I don’t have a nanny, a cook and a housekeeper that take care of my home related tasks. I get two hours a day just for myself and I invest the time to growing this platform. As a woman, you must find a way to have something on your own. A passion that does not include your baby nor your partner.聽 Something creative that allows you to sparkle and shine from within.

The other day, Surekha told me during a photo shoot that I should probably go for a pedicure. She makes me laugh every time she says something like that because she is so honest. I began to wonder why I stopped going to nail salons. I had my best manicure done in New York. It was perfect and affordable. I would even say cheap in comparison to Switzerland. Not so long ago one of my friends discovered The Nail Bar, a chain of nail salons in French and German-spoken part of Switzerland (see full list at the end of the article).

Having been in the midst of several projects and photo shoots, I decided to listen to Surekha and have my nails done by a professional. I visited The Nail Bar in downtown Geneva that is close to hotel Mandarin Oriental. They also have a brow bar, which I am planning to visit because they do threading.

I tried their Super Woman manicure that promises fatal and indestructible gel nails. I wonder what Freud would say. Anyhow, 聽there is nothing wrong with channeling a Super Woman, right? Especially when you are a mom.

I like gel nails because they last longer than regular nail polish. Their application does not smell like acrylic nails and they look more natural. I chose pink nail polish so that it looks good on pictures but deep inside I craved “boring” beige. It may not be as young and vibrant as pink but it is much more practical. When the nail polish chips off, it is less visible.

Gel nails should last up to three weeks but mine did not last so long. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with being active and having my hands constantly in water. Cleaning baby bottles, washing your hands after a diaper change, etc… you name it.

Nevertheless, it does feel great to have your nails done. Especially when you are a mom and don’t have much time to take care of yourself.

The Nail Bar has 12 stores in Switzerland (including Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg and Zurich, see the full list right here.) As of 23 March 2017 you can find them also in Bern (B盲renplatz 8, right in front of the Federal Building).


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Photos by Surekha Yeshwanth.

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  • Mercy

    It feels like I was reading my story haha, so like you my nails might deserved to be done professionally. Thanks for the inspo and yea, your nails do look fab.

  • Lindsey

    Surekha sounds like a great friend – we all need someone who is honest in our lives! 馃檪 And your nails look great! I completely agree that we need to have our own passion in life that is separate from our partners and family. And as for myself, I almost never would do my nails. But since moving to Sydney, I’ve found a nail salon that is very affordable and does a good job, so I’ve been getting them done every couple months now. 馃檪


  • Brenda Brooks

    I’m so bad on taking care of my nails!! Now I’m feeling worse haha I’ll have to get my nails done tomorrow, I always do it myself though, I’ve never went to a salon, but I’ve always been curious it seems so fun and relaxing. Love the pictures!

    Kisses | Live. Laugh. Love. & Make Up

  • Mary

    I get my nails done two times a month, that’s about every two weeks. It’s my one and only splurge, the few times of the month where it’s all about me where I get to unwinding, relaxing, and getting. I also have to be mindful of my nails because of my blog. I do tons of crafts and tutorials so when my nails look bad the video looks bad.

  • Andreea Birsan

    Great nails babe! I am always lazy with doing mine, so I just cut them and put some nude nail polish on. Have a lovely weekend! x


  • Ashley

    What a great mani! Love that color!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • Jamie

    I rarely get my nails done, but it’s such a fun way to treat yourself.

    Treats and Trends

  • Amy Arnold

    I can never keep up with having my nails done. It seems like all the other bloggers can, ugh. Yours look great. Fun experience!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Siffat Haider

    I can’t even imagine what it’s like blogging with a baby! But you do it so well, so kudos to you. So I only recently started getting my nails done professionally. I had my first shellac experience just last month! Your nails look great, and I’m so glad you went and had them done – you deserve to treat yourself 馃檪

  • Yasmin

    Love the nail colour you chose. I always do my hails at home but going to a salon would be a treat. Thank you for sharing, have a great day.


  • Jessica Hart

    So pretty! I love getting my nails. It’s so relaxing 馃檪

    Jessica xo
    the way to my Hart

  • Emma

    I never goinf to the nail salon… I don’t have time!
    Great post anyway dear!

  • Neha

    Your nails look so beautiful Miri….!! I love done up nails…they look so chic so cool…!! yours are looking fab! Kisses,Neha

  • Laura Mitbrodt

    Your nails look so good! I need to get mine done again!!

  • Jeanne

    Glad you got to pamper yourself in the midst of your busy schedule!

  • Amy

    I love getting my nails done – I can’t help it, they just look so much better than when I do it myself, and it’s an hour of “me time.” This looked like a wonderful experience!

    xx, Amy

  • jodie filogomo

    I do love getting my nails done, but I usually just keep my fingernails naked!! The polish never seems to stay with all the typing I do!!
    But in the summers, I will break down and get pedicures!! Talk about a great luxury!!

  • Katherine

    Nice nails! I usually don’t get my nails done because I find that if I keep doing it, it can get expensive. But it does feel nice to get a manicure professionally once in a while!

  • Your nails look gorgeous, it seems to be perfect solution.


  • Violet

    Your comments are so on point about the pressure to feel we have to look on point for every shoot, but like you I too have not had too much time to go to the nail salon! That being said I should probably take a little time out R&R! Loved reading this post and reminded me that self care is important.

    Violet x

    • Miri

      Thank you for stopping by, sweetie. I hope you will find time for little R&R. Hugs

  • Oh lovely nails!! I’d love to get my nails done, I do have time to do my own every now and then, but we could all need some pro treatement sometimes right?! Have a lovely month of March! Xx

    • Miri

      I totally agree. Have a lovely rest of the week, Mia! X

  • dora

    I’m so bad at taking care of my nails. My manicures last a week, tops. It’s nice to take some time for ourselves though

    • Miri

      I could not agree more. Thank you for stopping by, Dora!

  • Dylana

    Your nails look so good!


  • Mary Murnane

    Love when my nails are done, hate going to get them done! But, this looks like the perfect spot…


    • Miri

      Thank you for stopping by, Mary! X

  • Amanda Brezovsky

    This is always something I wanted to do, but never have. I always do my own nails at home, but it would be lovely to get them done professionally. You are so right about finding time for yourself too so you can be creative. It’s incredibly important to have that.

    • Miri

      I know that you can totally understand since you have a small daughter, Amanda. 馃檪 Have a lovely Wednesday, my dear!

  • Gemma

    I’m so bad at doing my nails. I’m also a mum of two and have no help so most of my time is spent working, looking after the family and on the blog. I do keep my nails clean and tidy looking but rarely have the time to get them painted. Terrible aren’t I haha.

    Have a great day!


    • Miri

      No, you are not terrible, You are just a mom, Gemma. :-)) hugs

  • wooww!! really exist!? Nice to read you, I’ll be there one day of I can! Thank you to share it!
    M贸nica Sors

    • Miri

      Hi M贸nica, yes, you should definitely try it out when you visit Geneva. Hugs

  • nikoline

    Actually, I never go to the nail salon.. I am a nail polish hoarder, so I always do my nails myself 馃槈


    • Miri

      Oh, you must be pretty good. I am not so good with doing my manicure.:-( Kisses

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