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Three Ways To Use Folding Gym Mat at Home


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Who would have thought that a folding gym mat can be super versatile, right? When you have a baby, earlier or later, you will have to baby proof your home. At the beginning we thought that “baby proofing”  means corner guards, safety plugs, changing our glass coffee table or take small objects out of her reach. But Chloe-Sofia’s age (nine months) is all about crawling, sitting and leaning forward. And most of the time she is falling down.

In order to make sure that she won’t hurt herself, we looked for a soft mat or a carpet. But what we found was either too expensive, heavy or bulky. We wanted a versatile gym mat that was light, practical, easy to clean and store.   

At first we used my yoga mats but they were not thick enough. Than one of my colleagues mentioned this PLUFSIG folding gym mat from IKEA. They got it for their daughter, who is the same age as Chloe-Sofia. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was exactly what we were looking for. It is affordable (only CHF39.90/$34.99), soft, thick and easy to clean. And it doesn’t take much space when you fold it. Plufsig We got four mats to cover the center of our living room. When you lay them down you  create a soft and safe playground. That is the first way you can use them.

You can also stand them up and put them in front of the furniture that has not been baby proofed yet. We use it to block Chloe-Sofia from the library or the TV table. When she wants to get out of her playpan, which is a bit high, we put one of the mats under the opened side and she can safely crawl out.

One of my friends uses it as a bumper between their master bed and the wall. This way her son does not get hurt when he crawls around. As you can see, there are many ways one can use this foldable gym mat. All depends on your creativity, imagination and your immediate need.Plufsig Ikea Folding gym mat / safe playgroundPlufsig Ikea Folding gym mat / safe playground

Other thing that we picked up in IKEA was this MULA shape sorter (CHF9.95/$7.95). I first saw it at my sister’s house in the Czech Republic. Her son, who is six months older, loves to play with it. And I understend why because it became one of Chloe-Sofia’s favorite  games. She may not understand different shapes and colors yet but she loves to take them all out of the house and put them back. It makes noise, it is colorful and she thinks it is fun. She is teething now (hence her wet bodysuit on the photos) and puts everything in her mouth. It is great that the shapes are large so that she can not swallow them.  IKEA Mula shape sorterPlufsig Ikea Folding gym mat / safe playground Plufsig Ikea Folding gym mat / safe playground MULA Shape sorter/ Plufsig Ikea Folding gym mat MULA Shape sorterMULA Shape sorterMULA Shape sorter/ IKEA foldable mat MULA Shape sorter IKEA / baby toys MULA Shape sorter IKEA / IKEA foldable mat


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