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Bright Pink Mini Dress Post-Valentine’s Day


bright pink mini dress/ Chanel Boy bag[df_row]

 beautiful bright pink mini dress / Topshop mini dress /currently wearing
[col-md-6_last]Tallis St. Moritz / pink mini dress [/col-md-6_last][/df_row][df_row]
beautiful pink mini dress/ currently wearing
[col-md-6_last] Tallis St. Moritz / ethical fur [/col-md-6_last][/df_row]beautiful bright pink mini dress /currently wearing[df_row]
 CHanel Boy Bag/ pink mini dress
[col-md-6_last] beautiful bright pink mini dress / Topshop mini dress /currently wearing [/col-md-6_last][/df_row]chanel Boy handbag/ pink mini dress

Originally I wanted to feature this bright pink mini dress on Valentine’s Day but it wass just too obvious. Too pink, too sweet and too corny- so jologs as my Filipino girlfriend would say. That is an advantage of having international friends, you learn a lot of slang along the way.

Right. Now back to the dress.

What I am trying to say is that I am not eighteen anymore. And as much as I love pink, I have to wear it sparingly. I love this mini dress not only for its color- it fits perfectly and was for less than $40. Unfortunately, it is sold out. But I found a similar bright pink mini dress that is on sale (-50%) so it is even more attractive (please, see outfit details).

It is actually a very comfortable dress and could be easily worn when you go out to eat. As long as you don’t “pig out” (as my Filipino girlfriend likes to say), it is the perfect dress for brunch. But as I like to eat when we go out for brunch, I would rather wear it when I go for a romantic dinner with Alex. 

The headpiece is from one of my designer friend’s who runs Tallis. It is a Geneva based fashion brand that makes beautiful fur accessories. And to confuse you even more, the headpiece is not a headpiece per se. It is a versatile strip of fur (albeit ethical one) that can be worn in more ways than you can imagine. Do you wonder in how many ways or how can fur and ethical exist in one sentence? Check one of my articles and see for yourself. As Lilly, founder of Tallis says, fur is not for everyone but if you want it, you can get one that was made by using responsibly sourced materials.

Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by!


Bright Pink Mini Dress from Topshop (sold out but this pink jersey one is a great alternative), Wolford tights, Tommy Hilfiger boots, Tallis ethical fur and Chanel “Boy” bag.

Photos by: Alexander Ramp.


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