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Greenery Top & White Cashmere Sweater


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Have you heard of “Greenery”? It was voted the Color of the Year 2017 by Pantone, the World renown authority on color.  It is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, symbol of new beginnings. I see Greenery as a color of peace and meditation. It is like that with most colors that you can find in nature. Every time I spend some time in the forest or in the botanical garden, I feel rejuvenated.

I must admit that the older Chloe Sofia gets, the more fun she is. As long as she is not teething, she smiles all the time. She really is a happy chap, as one of my British colleagues would say. 🙂 We had a lot of fun during this photo shoot. It is so easy to make her laugh, she is so ticklish. It is a different level of relationship and communication now. You can feel like she understands her name, knows that we are her parents and starts to show her character. Alex says that she is after me and maybe he is right. Children mirror our strengths and weaknesses and it is up to us to work on ourselves instead off projecting our fears on them and punish them.

I tend to spoil her and she knows how to get what she wants. It is really funny, when you think about it. She is only nine months old and already manipulates her parents. But things have started to change since our last visit to her Pediatrician. We established some rules and stick to them. It is hard most of the time but it is for her (and our) own good. As the doctor said, it is better to start with routine and discipline now than when she is three years old.


Chloe Sofia is wearing white “Alex” sweater from Feminin Plurielles, chiffon dress from Orchestra (not available but this baby girl dress from GAP is gorgeous) .

I am wearing Missguided sweatshirt in greenery and Esprit boot cut jeans (sold out but I like this pair from Mavi as well) .

Photos by Alexander Ramp.