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Raspberry Porridge Recipe From La Selfish


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If you ask me what I missed the most when I was growing up, I will answer- sausages. And I mean those special ones where you can remove the casing within seconds. As my mom was vegetarian when I was at elementary school, sausages and other charcuterie and meat were not “invited guests” in our house.  While other kids were snacking on sandwiches with salami, I had mine with a leaf of green salad and slice of cheese. I think my mom meant well but I spend most of my school days wondering how sausages taste.

And do you want to know what we had for breakfast when I was growing up? Porridge! My mom saw some documentary about a female swimmer who won gold Olympic medal and who ate porridge every day. So even though I hate swimming and never wanted to be a swimmer, I had to eat porridge. I do love it now but when you are a teenager, porridge is far from being cool.

My first boyfriend, who was a hippie and whose only goal in life was to reach enlightenment, used to love porridge. It sounds funny now but he used to make porridge  for breakfast as well. He would mix oatmeal with walnuts and raisins, add a bit of water, let it sit for an hour. He than cooked it only for few minutes so that it remained crunchy and juicy.

I make porridge for breakfast in winter when it is really cold and I don’t feel like having my usual green smoothie. I think it is a wonderful way to start your day in a healthy and positive way. So for this week’s recipe I teamed up with Amel from blog La Selfish. I hope you will like her recipe for a delicious porridge with raspberries. It is easy, yummy and super healthy. What more can one ask for, right?

raspberry poridge Ingredients:
40g of dry oatmeal flakes
150ml almond or cow milk
100g of fresh or frozen raspberries
One teaspoon of honey
Grated coconut
Chia and Linen seeds
Nuts (of your choice)
Half of an apple

What you need?
A nice bowl
Knife + board
A small saucepan

Preparation time: 15min

  1. Thaw raspberries if they are frozen.
  2. Put oat flakes in a small saucepan, add milk and let it simmer over medium heat without boiling it.
  3. Add most of the raspberries and keep some for decoration.
  4. Once the milk starts to get absorbed by oat flakes, porridge is ready. Keep in mind that porridge should be moist, never dry.

Put the porridge in a bowl, mix in the honey and decorate it with the remaining raspberries, grated coconut, chia or linen seeds, nuts and half of an apple. There is nothing right or wrong, just follow your desires and your tastes. Bon appétit!

P.S. I like to add raisins while I am coking the porridge and decorate it with few slices of banana.

For French version on La Selfish, click here.



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