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Making Your Own Photo Book


photo book / currently wearingWhen it comes to Christmas presents, my sister likes to make a photo book for each member of our family. She started with a photo calendar when I was studying abroad. I was feeling lonely and this was an amazing way to “feel in touch”. She made one large calendar that I hung on the wall and another (smaller one) that I kept on my desk.

There is an online photo service in the Czech Republic that allows you to upload your photos in an online editor, choose a template and customize it.  When you finish, the company prints it out and sends it to you by mail.

When my sister got married she made a photo book full of her wedding photos. And this year, she gifted my parents again. This time she decided to document first year of her son. She featured also Chloe-Sofia who was born five months later. My parents were very emotional when they unpacked the gift. It was a touching moment not only for them but for us as well. That made me think that I should have made something similar for them.

The other day I discovered Color Photoservice which is a similar service that exists in Switzerland. You can download their computer program to make your own photo calendar or photo book at home. I like that we can also make invitations for Chloe-Sofia’s first birthday which will be more original and cheaper than having them done in a photo shop. I am so excited about it that I will not wait till Christmas to make a book of Chloe-Sofia’s first year. She will be one year old in May so I can give the photo book to my parents when we go to Prague in summer. The timing is perfect.

Have you ever made a photo book or calendar for your loved ones? photo book / currently wearing photo book / currently wearing photo book / currently wearing photo book / currently wearing


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