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Cooking With BeyondFood: almond crusted sea bass fillet


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I found out about BeyondFood from our friends who use the service and sing their praise. I don’t enjoy cooking, it is Alex who cooks at home to my delight. He is an amazing cook so it is easy to let him take care of cooking.

BeyondFood is a flexible subscription service that delivers once a week everything you need to prepare three meals at home. They deliver the right amount of ingredients for each dish so all you have to do is follow instructions. You still need to chop the veggies (which Alex did not like so much) but for someone like me who would rather eat a salad than “cook” a dinner, it is perfect. The recipes are elaborate but easy to prepare and you don’t have to think about anything. If you are comfortable like me, when it comes to cooking, it is a great way to challenge yourself. If you can even call it a challenge.

Food review_beyond food

I made an almond crusted sea bass fillet with leeks and “beure blanc” sauce. At first I doubted that I will manage to cook it. But the instructions were so simple and easy to follow that in less than an hour I served our dinner.

leek / white wine

almond crusted sea bass fillet, leek and beurre blanc sauce

Alex completely forgot about his complaints once he tasted the dish. The portion was big (at least for me) and it was truly delicious. I have to say that I am impressed with myself. Well, you have to praise yourself because no one will do it for you. :))

sea bass fillet_currently wearing_beyond food

So how does BeyondFood work?

After you subscribe online, you can choose between an omnivore and herbivore menu. You make your order and on Tuesday evening you receive a juta bag filled with fresh ingredients to prepare three dinners. Each ingredient is labelled and numbered which makes it super easy to orient yourself.

BeyondFood is a green and sustainable company which translates into food delivery on electric bikes, local and seasonal products (preferably organic) and 100% recyclable and reusable packaging.
If you don’t like the menu of the week, you can pause your subscription. I think it is fair – I don’t like to feel like a prisoner when I sign up to something. Which is the main reason why I rarely subscribe to anything. That is why I find BeyondFood’s policy interesting. You are free to make your choice. This service is available only in Geneva area and I hope that they will expand soon. If you work in Geneva but live in a different canton, like us, they can deliver to your office. It is a good alternative. Nevertheless, I hope they will expand soon so that even those who don’t live or work in Geneva can enjoy the service.



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