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Review of L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA]





Few months ago I got a chance to sign up for a review of new anti-aging line from L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA]. It contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in a L’Oréal Paris skincare ever. And why is hyaluronic acid so important? In fact, it is a substance that is naturally in our skin. It provides skin with moisture and makes it look elastic and plump. As skin matures, it loses hyaluronic acid and its volume. Using creams and serums with hyaluronic acid helps restore volume. Skin looks plumper, younger and fine lines and dark circles become less noticeable. One would say that it is a win-win combination.

After thirty, my skin changed a lot. It became more sensitive to hormonal and weather changes, certain types of food and daily stress. Even if I moisturize my skin twice a day and rigorously remove makeup, it is not what it used to be. I find that I have to “work” twice that hard to keep it moisturized and plump. As L’Oréal Paris REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] line is formulated for women over 35 years old,  I asked my mum to do the review with me.

We have been using volumising serum, eye cream, day cream and night cream for several months now. My mom swears that her skin looks plumper, younger and softer. I must say that I look less tired since I started using the micrometric hyaluronic acid eye cream. My eyes are less puffy and dark circles less visible. I like it a lot since lack of sleep is my current reality. Maybe I will get rid of dark circles once Chloe-Sofia starts sleeping through the night. Who knows. For now I will rely on REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] eye cream.

Would we recommend this anti-aging skin care line? My mom likes the creams the most. As far as I am concerned, the eye cream is a must if you have dark circles and puffy eyes in the morning. It is an exclusive cream that is affordable and efficient.

L' Oréal Paris