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I could not help but title this post the way I felt- like Anna Karenina. Without her Vronsky and all that drama, of course. But it is one of my favorite books and I love the latest film adaptation with Keira Knightley. I like her since she made her debut in Bend it like Beckham.

When my mother-in-law allowed me to shoot her beautiful fur coat, I could not be more happier. As much as I don’t look like a typical Czech girl (who are mostly blonde-haired and fair-skinned), I can’t hide my affinity to fur. Like Russia, the Czech Republic is super cold in winter and we wear fur.

Forgive me for generalizing but I read somewhere that men choose their wives based on their mother and women choose husbands based on what they liked in their father. I can clearly see that similarity with Alex’s mom. And more and more, Alex keeps saying that I react the same, make the same faces and love the same things…well, we are both Libras so here you go!

That being said, I love my mother-in-law’s fur collection and her style. This coat was custom-made for her in Italy 50 years ago and it looks like new. It is quite heavy and I can imagine wearing it for a short period of time, like when we go to the opera. And what can be more theatrical than “Aida”, right?  I told you, if you want to channel Anna Karenina, dress the part!


Vintage fur coat and hat (love this faux fur alternative), Wolford Matte Opaque Tights, Fendi shades, Chanel bag and New Look sandals (Love these and this crystal embellished sandal).

Photos by Alexander Ramp.



haha awesome! I kep almost buying a hat like this. I love this look. I see everyone dressing like this in eastern Europe


So true, Kali. Exactly like Anna Karenina!


Totally loving this vintage coat! You look so glam!



Love the long vintage coat babe! Looks so cozy.


Those shoes are amazing! Beautiful!!


You look so cute. I love this outfit. Very royal.


Wonderful and perfect! I follow you blog, please follow me too.


I immediately thought of Anna Karenina when I saw this outfit! I loved the book, but I have yet to watch the entire movie. (I have no doubt Keira Knightley was amazing!) Your mother-in-law’s coat is out-of-this-world beautiful – wow! Love the hat too. Being from the Northern part of the United States – I am all about things that keep me warm too, 🙂


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