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I Feel Like I Am Always Running



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Happy Friday, everyone!

I still can’t believe that we are already only one week from Christmas. Time flies even faster when you have a baby. I always feel that I spend my days running. After I get up I run around the house, I run to catch the train, I try to finish everything that sits on my table at work before I run again to catch the train and pick up Chloe-Sofia from daycare. The moments of tranquillity come when we are walking home. I like the moments after Alex comes back from work, we sit down to eat and talk about what happened during the day.

The most challenging time comes when Chloe-Sofia gets sick and I have to take time off work to stay with her at home. We really have to organize ourselves well at those times. When I can’t take holiday, Alex has to step in. At those moments I am envious of my sister and my girlfriends who live in the Czech Republic and have a right for 3 years of maternity leave. It would be too long for me but if I can take at least the first year off, it would be easier.

Anyhow, I hope you are all having a peaceful Friday. We are at the airport now, going to Prague for the holidays. It is the first time Chloe-Sofia will fly and I hope everything will go well. I am taking with me super light BabyZen YOYO+ stroller that is perfect for traveling by plane because you can fold it into size of hand luggage.

Are you prepared for holidays? Have you got all your Christmas gifts ready? I finished all my Christmas shopping last weekend. Now I am ready to fly away and rest with my family.


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