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Review of A-DERMA hand cream and lip balm


Today I would like to my review of A-DERMA hand cream and a lip balm that I have been using for the last month.

When Chloe-Sofia was two months old she started to have an eczema. You can imagine my surprise because I always used hypoallergenic washing gel and body creams. our Pediatrician prescribed special cream that they prepared in the pharmacy. While I was there, the Pharmacist recommended that I try Exomega cleansing oil from A-Derma which is suitable for babies. It is addresses problems of sensitive and atopic skin. It is soap-free and with its soft fragrance and emollient texture, proved to be the best alternative to traditional washing gels for babies. It is very effective and you can wash you baby with only few drops of the cleansing oil.

After this experience, I decided to venture even further. In winter, my hands and lips get very dry and tend to crack when temperature drops. It is both irritating and not very pretty. For year’s I have been using lip balms from Dr. Hauschka, which are great but I needed change.


A-derma hand cream lip balm
[col-md-6_last] I decided to get A-DERMA’s hand cream and a lip balm to protect them. All A-DERMA products contain  active ingredient, Rhealba® Oat Milk known for its soothing, softening and emollient qualities. As a bonus, the hand cream and lip balm come in a special Christmas package which I like so much that I got another one for my sister. She has suffered on and off from atopic eczema since she was 4 years old. [/col-md-6_last][/df_row]

But let’s get to my review:


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ADERMA Hand Cream
Soft and gentle, soap-like fragrance.

It soaks into skin very quickly and does not leave any grease stain.

I like it and I use it a lot because my hands a really dry. And I mean so dry that sometimes it hurts.

Once you put it on, it coats your skin and protects her against wind, cold and dryness.


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A-DERMA lip balm

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A-DERMA Lip Balm
Very soft fragrance.

When I put it on, I feel as is my lips are shielded from any winter sheninghans.

My lips are nurtured, soft and healthy.



The hand cream comes in a standard 50 ml package. It does not last long for someone like me who has very dry hands and uses it five to six times a day (after washing my hands, changing environment from hot to cold or vice versa, working on computer, etc). But if you just want to carry it in your handbag for when you are outside, the size is perfect. I ended up having one on my desk at work and second one in my handbag.


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