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Get Ready For A Nice And Cosy Winter by Fit’n’Tasty


Whether you like it or not, winter is coming and when it does, it will be here to stay. At least until April next year. You can love it, you can hate it, you can acknowledge or ignore it but no matter how you feel about it, it is not going to change much.

This year I decided to change my approach to many things in life- being it my work or my family. No matter how hard and challenging the situation is, I try to find the silver lining.

For example, yesterday I had to leave the office earlier in order to pick up Chloe-Sofia from daycare and take her to our Osteopath. We have been visiting him for some time now. Chloe-Sofia had a flat head and our Pediatrician was afraid that she would have to wear a helmet. We were advised to put her on her belly several times a day and it made such a difference that she does not need to wear the helmet after all. You can imagine how relieved I was.

But during all this running from one doctor to another, running at work and managing a household, baby and this blog, I felt like a hamster that keeps running on the wheel until  it collapses. And you know what? It helps to stop for a second and look at all this from a different point of view: I have a job, I am healthy, my family is healthy, I am happy with my husband and I can afford to take my daughter to any doctor I decide to see. So there is a lot of room for gratefulness. Not to mention that running around has its benefits- you can count it as a workout.

So if you feel like me, look for your silver lining. Find at least one thing for which you can be greatful.

Enough about me and let’s get to today’s article which was originally written and published by Fit’n’Tasty. How to get ready for a nice and cosy winter? Keep reading because, as I mentioned before, winter is coming…

cosy winter1st : Sort out your closet

As much as it sounds boring to many of us it is such an important step to feel comfortable throughout this cold season. First of all store all your summer clothes in a box (they’ll be waiting for you until the temperature gets warmer again). Get rid of ugly jumpers that makes you look like a stuffed animal, those long sleeve t-shirt you are keeping just in case if… No more excuses! You want to wake up to a closet where you’d pick anything to wear anytime!

2nd : Sort out your beauty products or make your own

Beauty products… As much as we all like to have tons and tons of creams and tonics, and face scrubs,… Try to keep it simple. A face cream, a body cream, a tonic if you feel like it and don’t hesitate to create your own organic face mask (here is the link to our avocado special face mask). A hydrated skin in winter is super important! So remember each time you take a shower or a bath, hydrate your skin afterwards.cosy winter/warm lemon tea

3rd : Drink juices or cleanse

Of course! Drink more juices! As the sun is getting shier and shier we need to fill our body with as much vitamins as possible! And the best thing to do would be to eliminate all the toxins from your body, while doing a cleanse. You can do it for 1 day or more, it’s up to you. Just remember that your body will thank you for that inner to get ready for winter

4th : Decorate your house

Who want’s to come home to a nice and cosy living room? Me! We’re not telling you to get rid of half the things you own, just to try to sort it out at it’s best! Add a few pillows here and there, candles for that special cosy ambiance. If you have a fireplace even better! Just create a place where you feel comfortable getting to and inviting your close ones.slow down for cosy winter

5th : make time for yourself

Learn how to free some afternoons or even just one hour or two in order to relax or to be super active, but something that you do for yourself. A walk with your dog, a little coffee break and your favourite book of the moment, anything at all. This winter it’s all about finding the perfect balance to stay healthy, positive and full of energy.

Did you like the article? Find more ideas, recipes, healthy juices and positive energy on Fit’n’Tasty.fitntastyheader_logo


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