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Active with CRAFT Mix & Match sportswear


 Craft Mix and Match / Currently WearingCraft Mix and Match / Currently Wearing Craft Mix and Match / Currently WearingWhat type of sportswear do you like to wear when you exercise? Leggings with sports bra or sweatpants with bodysuit? I wear this Craft Mix and Match jersey top and underpants when I practice yoga or go for a hike in the mountains. And in winter, I will use it as baselayer under my ski clothes. It is functional, light, keeps me warm and feels like second skin. The tops and underpants are offered in different prints and colors that you can mix and match as you please. It is cool because you will hardly meet someone looking the same in your gym.

Before I got pregnant I practiced yoga on daily basis. Either at home in the morning or in yoga studio with a group. I used to do Power yoga,  Hatha yoga and few times I even tried Brikram yoga. But exercising in hot conditions is not my cup of tea. One of my Czech friends is teaching Yin yoga which is complete opposite to Power Yoga. It is slow and as you stay in the posture for several minutes, it is very intensive. When we go to Prague for Christmas, I would like to find some time alone for myself and visit her studio.

When I got pregnant I had to change my routine a lot. I could not do any postures to strengthen the core, neither crow or side plank pose. Laying on my back for more than five minutes made me dizzy. I like to feel that my muscles are working when I exercise so you will understand that I found exercises for pregnant women boring. In the end I did some stretching, walked every day for 30 minutes and did some swimming. I know that some women are running even when they are heavily pregnant but I could hardly walk.

It is been six month since I gave birth and I still did not find the time and energy to go back to my routine. I do some yoga and stretching here and there but it is not regular. I realize that if I don’t exercise first thing in the morning, which means at 6am, I will not exercise at all. And when you are sleep deprived, 6am workout is the last thing on your mind.

On the other hand, as I walk daily and carry Chloe-Sofia a lot, I do heavy lifting (she is nearly 9KG now) daily. I can see it on my upper arms and core which got toned very quickly. I still have to get my six-pack back but that requires patience and perseverance. And that is what exercising is about, isn’t it? To be patient and keep going even when you can’t see the results immediately.

Thank you for stopping by and happy Monday!

Craft Mix and Match / Currently Wearing Craft Mix and Match / Currently Wearing Craft Mix and Match / Currently Wearing Craft Mix and Match / Currently Wearing sportswear / Currently Wearing


CRAFT Mix and Match sportswear in zebra black.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.


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  • Lindsey

    I have recently been all about refreshing the workout clothing I have in my closet – and I love the top and leggings you have here! This looks perfect for hiking in cooler temps or as a base layer in the super cold months (as you pointed out). I really love the designs! And wow – you look like a yoga master! I wish I was half as good as you at yoga. 🙂


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