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How to Improve Your Beauty Regimen with Braun Face


Today, I am reviewing Braun Face. A new gadget that cleans and exfoliates your complexion, epilates facial hair and applies makeup. But before we get to it, let me start from the beginning.

If there is one thing that I learnt since I had Chloe-Sofia, it is that proper beauty regimen is even more important when you have a baby. First, you may not have enough time to go to a spa to get a professional facial. Secondly, if you clean your face regularly at home, you will not even need professional intervention  as often as you think.

Before I got pregnant, I would have my facial done once a month on Saturday mornings. Than I would meet a girlfriend for a coffee in one of my favorite cafés, did some shopping and spent my afternoon in a book store. Correction: this is what I used to when I was single.

Than I got married, moved out of the city, got pregnant and my liberty and free-time shrank to zero. Yes, I could get up early on Saturday, catch a train to Geneva and still have my facial done. But with lack of sleep and arrival of new responsibilities, I find it hard to take time for myself. Sometimes I even feel guilty when I go to my hairdresser and leave Chloe-Sofia with Alex. I know, we have already talked about mom guilt and this article is about beauty regimen. But if I don’t lay it all down, you won’t understand why it is worth having a gadget that will facilitate keeping your complexion fresh and clean without stepping out of the house.


Braun Face is incredibly versatile and easy to use. It has two different brushes for different types of skin, one exfoliating brush, one head for removal of facial hair and a beauty sponge to apply makeup.

Pink brush–    for cleaning extra sensitive skin.

White brush- for cleaning normal skin.

Blue brush–    for exfoliation.

The brush cleans your skin 6x better than the traditional method (fingers, cleanser and warm water). It is very soft on your skin, as if you are caressing it with feathers. And as I have very sensitive skin, I use the pink brush.

Braun faceSpa

[/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]braun-face-spa_-hair-removal-head

The facial epilation head is what makes Braun Face so versatile. I used to have my facial hair removed by hot wax but after getting burnt on several occasions, I resorted to threading. Thanks to Braun Face, I don’t have to waste my money anymore. I can do the job myself, at home, and without any painful side-effects.


Braun FaceSpa Beauty sponge makeupBeauty sponge- super cool and easy to use to apply makeup. Your fingers don’t get dirty and your skin looks polished.

What is my final word? I really like Braun Face because it is practical, easy to use, light (thinking of travelling with carry-on only?) and versatile. I started using it just before “my days” when hormones broke havoc on my skin. I had acne all over my face for a week and looked like a teenager. As I was able to clean my skin much better, it healed very fast. Now I am back to having fresh, smooth and I dare to say even dewy complexion.


H&M tank top, Vanina “No Big Deal” bracelet and Mercedes Salazar earrings.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.




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