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Green Parka With Faux Fur Lined Hood


parka with faux fur lined hood parka with faux fur lined hood/ currently wearing parka with faux fur lined hood parka with faux fur lined hood parka with faux fur lined hood  parka with faux fur lined hoodparka with faux fur lined hood


Esprit Green Parka, Maddison turtleneck, Caroll pants, Gabor ankle boots and a beanie with fur pompom.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.

There is something about parkas that makes me feel cool and young every time I wear one. I got this green parka with faux-fur lined hood in Esprit  last year. It is insulated and keeps me warm and comfy at times like these.

I am pointing out to current weather in Geneva which is a mixture of rain/ snow/ cold and wind. It is this funny transition period when it is not fall anymore but not yet winter either. It is the right weather to curl up on a sofa and watch your favorite movies. Or sit in front of a fireplace, with your feet up and enjoying smell of burning logs.

That is what I am looking forward to do this Christmas at my parents house. Maybe I will even try to bake marshmallows, if my dad allows me to. He is very touchy about the fireplace that he built himself.

Anyway, let’s get back to parkas and winter. As I can’t wear my green parka to work because it looks to casual, I am looking for one that would look more formal. Now I am eyeing this soft nylon parka in black that I found online at Esprit. I like its  shiny finish and faux fur collar which you can easily take off. When you don’t need the hood, you can zip it inside the collar compartment. I like that option because it gives the parka very clean and polished finish. I could easily wear it over little black dress when we go to the theater. What do you think? Wouldn’t it look cool?

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  • Amanda Brezovsky

    You look so cozy chic Miri! That faux fur hood must be so soft. You’re right about the weather in between fall and winter. It’a a weird mix and you basically just want to cuddle up inside!

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