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How to choose a child-friendly coffee table?


child-friendly coffee table child-friendly coffee table child-friendly coffee table

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Ellie Tahari rabbit-fur lined cardigan, Mango jeans, Splendid layering t-shirt, Topshop heels and felt hat. Chloe-Sofia wears: body and curdory pants from H&M.
Photos by Alexander Ramp. Photographed in Preciosa store (Grand-Rue 17, 1204 Geneva).

There comes a time when you have to start thinking about baby-proofing your house. As much as you might think that your house is safe, most of the time it is not the case. When Chloe-Sofia was born and friends started coming over, between ooz and ahhhs, they mentioned that we will have to do something about those phone wires, crystal vase on the TV table, glass candle stands and opened plugs in the wall.

That time arrived sooner than we thought. We started looking for a child-friendly coffee table and to be honest, I find it quite challenging. The thing about coffee tables and me is that I love coffee tables that have a glass top, look artistic, modern or delicate. Such coffee tables, though, are far from being child-friendly. And if you want to avoid sticking plastic or foam insulation around the corners, get a nice, upholstered ottoman and use it as a coffee table instead!

coffee table / child-friendly

I would like to share with you coffee tables that caught my eye. As far as I can say, these tables from Hellweg (number 1 & 2) are a very good option if you child-proof the corners. Number 5 is modern, sleek and would definitely make your living room as groovy as its name suggests. And 6 & 7? Stylish and elegant, but not child-friendly at all.

Which one would you choose?

  1. Coffee table “Duomo”.
  2. Coffee table “Trilogie”.
  3. Elite coffee table – “Zuo”.
  4. “Tofteryd” coffee table.
  5. “Starsky” coffee table.
  6. “Zinc” contemporary coffee table.
  7. Coffee table “Platinum”.

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