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Three Tips to Enjoying the Rush by Annette Ebbinghaus


three tips to enjoying the rush

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As a part of my Thoughts series/categories, I would like to share with you articles that made me feel better or come back to the hear & now. Three Tips to Enjoying the Rush was originally published by Annette Ebbinghaus on Truly Balance. You can learn more about Annette at the end of this article.

1. Don`t stress the small stuff.  
Oh yes this is a book title and it is a great book by the way. We can get very stuck on little details this time of year. When we put too much emphasis on the small things, they become big things. Watch your mood and judgements if small things don’t go as planned. We can get caught up in a negative cycle that then affects our entire mood and builds stress in our body. If something does not happen the way you REALLY wanted it to be, well perhaps it is for the best. Each mishap, big or small, is a learning point and it gives us the opportunity to reflect on all the big things that are going well.

2. Don`t stress the big stuff. 
This is not a book title but I think it would be a good book! Big things are big things and they can be very big and completely change your life. Our initial reaction is the stress response, we either want to hide, run away or we get so stressed we are frozen and cannot even find a response. Big things do create stress. Even for the most Zen person you know, they likely experience some stress. However they recover quickly and somehow move on and continue to push that big boulder up the hill of life.

One of my favourite books is Dr. Suess’s Oh the Places You will Go. I feel I have been living the past 5 years of my life on page 24 “The Waiting Place” (referencing my construction project). That being said I am also moving forward where and when I can. My personal practice has helped me find a way to park the waiting place to one side while I continue to move forward on the other side. I do have a foot in the waiting place, and sometimes my whole being is there. However I have found a way to leave it as well, and leave that big stress in that place so that it is not all consuming.

So the Big stuff is Big stuff. Start a practice today that helps you manage these “Places you will Go”. They are not all great places to be, they are part of living a life. Learn how to manage them and recover. When big things happen, I look to the small stuff for peace of mind and for points of gratitude. Takes practice but it keeps a smile on my face and in my heart.

3. Remember, it’s about the MOMENT.
No matter what happens in the build up to family get togethers, holidays, friends parties or visits, the journey to get to the event can sometimes over take the actual moment when you are with the people you care about.

Do you ever find yourself unwell or exhausted on the big day? You have emptied your tank on the journey and left nothing for the moment. Pace yourself, like in a marathon (only world elites sprint the marathon!). Enjoy the moments you have planned for. Take it all in with your 5 senses by just stepping back while in your moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes and notice how your body feels when you are experiencing what you have been planning for so long, what are your thoughts, feelings. Give yourself that moment to enjoy the moment, take it all in. This little break will heighten your awareness and hopefully bring you a wave of gratitude for the moment you are living.

Annette Ebbinghaus is a Sophrologist, Reflexologist, Massage therapist, Reiki Master and Mindfulness trainer in schools.

She is Canadian and was trained in Singapore and in Switzerland and has been working as a therapist in the Lac Lèman region since 2009. She is a sports enthusiast and adventurer that believes in a life of learning, health, fun and connectedness. Annette seeks to help people find balance through physical, emotional and spiritual practices. She is a Louise Hay practitioner. Annette trained in the Martin Brofmann healing system and also incorporates several other modalities in most of her sessions with clients. She also helps people find simple ways to incorporate changes in their daily lives that make a real difference. Empowering people to be mindful, grateful and true to themselves and the people in their lives. You can find Annette working in area schools, at the HealthQuota in Mies, facilitating Family and Adult workshops and courses. She also works from her home based Cabinet in Mies, Switzerland.

To learn more about Annette please visit her website: Follow her on Twitter @EbbinghausA. Facebook:  LinkedIn: annetteebbinghaus.


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