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Blue pants & grey turtleneck


vintage fur coat/wide rim hatgrey turtleneck/wide rim hatblue pantsblue coat/ vintage fur coatfur coat/ dark blue pants /Espritdark blue pantsblue pants/ Esprit/ vintage fur coatblue coat/ vintage fur coatblue pants/ vintage fur coat


Vintage fur coat, Maddison grey turtleneck, Esprit dark blue pants, Chloé Marcie small bag, Topshop hat and fringe heels.

Photos by Surekha Yeshwanth.

These dark blue pants have become my favorite lately. I got them in Esprit few months ago when I was looking for pants that I could wear to work.

You know, my sartorial choices when it comes to dressing for work are quite predictable. Someone would even call them boring. On a typical day, you’ll find me in black pants, printed blouse and a cardigan. I tried dressing smart but I just don’t feel comfortable in a suit. It makes me feel restricted. I am not à l’aise. And as I don’t work in a bank, I am allowed to wear  flowy blouses, long, dainty earrings or a brooch perched center on my chest. Our office dress code is quite relaxed but that doesn’t mean that you can show up in distressed jeans or a tank top.

After nine months of pregnancy and giving birth, my body changed and I needed a new pair of pants that would flatter my new shape. Before I was European size 36. After giving birth I had to look for pants in size 40. It was a challenge not so much because of the size, but because what I found in stores was not flattering at all. It was either too tight around tights or too large around the waist. At one point I was wearing my old pregnancy jeans  from Esprit maternity line.

I like this pair of dark blue pants so much that I plan to get them in black. I am size 38 now and slowly going down to 36. That is why I prefer waiting a bit instead of buying them now and having to take them in. I just hope they will not sell them out by the time I am ready to go back to the store.

As you can see on the photos, the pants are a bit loose. And as a matter of fact, I like that. I find that oversized pants are more “office appropriate” than skinny pants. Not to mention that they look great with thick turtleneck or chunky cardigan in winter.

And you? How do you dress for work? Do you have a dress code in your office?


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  • Amanda Brezovsky

    You look so weekend chic here Miri! That jacket is particularly fabulous and the fringe details on your shoes are so cute! The office I used to work in was relaxed, but still professional. I typically dressed in fit and flare dresses all the time haha. People wondered if I even owned a pair of pants.

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