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grateful/white tunic/ wide black pantsHappy Tuesday everyone!

Just a quick hi to wish you a wonderful and peaceful day. Today is my birthday and it is the first time I forgot about it. Before I had Chloe-Sofia I would plan how and where to celebrate. Now, all I think of is whether she is alright in the kindergarten. And how to get some sleep. Does it mean that I became more mature and less self-centered? Everyone was telling that your life and priorities change once you have a baby. I did not want to believe it but judging from how little time I have to myself, how I am constantly running around and even though I am so tired I could fall asleep anywhere, my day lights up when I see Chloe-Sofia’s smile.

So back to five things for which I am grateful on my birthday:

1. I am grateful for being healthy. I think it is the most important thing one can ask for.
2. I am grateful for living in a peaceful country. Especially, when you look at the news and see what is happening around the world. It makes me think how lucky I was that I was born in a Czech republic and never experienced war. I think that when you have a baby (at least in my case), you become more sensitive to sad stories that involve kids.
3. I am grateful for having loving and supportive parents. Both of which are still alive. The older I get, the more grateful I am that I can still have them in my life.
4. I am grateful that I have a job that is never boring. I can work 80% for now and have more time with Chloe-Sofia. Seeing how many people around you are looking for work makes you realize how lucky you are.
5. I am grateful that my own family of three is healthy and that even after becoming parents, Alex and I remained primarily a couple and friends. I don’t want to become a couple that will have nothing else to talk about/in common but children.

And the last thing that I am more proud of than grateful for, is that I kept my “fire burning”. By which I mean that I keep blogging even when I have less time, I am exhausted, I lose confidence and doubt myself and when I compare myself to other bloggers thinking that I am not good enough. But I still keep writing and taking photos because it keeps me alive. It is something that is “mine”. It makes me happy. So ultimately, I do it for myself. Not for my husband, for compliments or for money. Every woman should have some creative outlet to keep her “fire burning”. Don’t you think?grateful/ wide black pants/ panama hatfive things that I am grateful forwhite tunic/ grateful/wide black pants/ self-carewhite tunic/ wide black pants/ panama hatgrateful/ currently wearingwhite tunic/ wide black pants/ panama hatgrateful/ currently wearing

I am wearing white tunic and wide pants from H&M (similar style shirt and pants), Panama hat from Madrid, Fire de Murg necklace, RBC Arts & Crafts handmade bag and New Look sandals.

Photos by Surekha’s Photography

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