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currently wearing / spaghetti straps dress

This summer was so hot that I spent most of the time in dresses. I found this dress with spaghetti straps in H&M. I like that it is colorful and creates loose silhouette. Although I love spaghetti straps and open back, I don’t own many such dresses. Why? It is very simple- you can’t wear a bra underneath. It is OK when you are 15 or 25 but at my age (and after breastfeeding), going braless is not something you do on purpose. On daily basis I would wear this dress with a short-sleeved black t-shirt. And a bra. But for this shoot, I decided to go “wild”- no bra, no shoes and minimal makeup.

I admit that I don’t wear a bra at home- I don’t see the point. You wear a bra to make your breasts look fuller and perkier. We believe that we look more attractive with a bra then without it. And even if the latest research shows that it is much better and healthier not to wear a bra, I will still wear it. You can argue that it is just another social construct. A means to keep women constricted- there was a reason why feminists burnt their bras, wasn’t there? You may even say that we are shamed into wearing bras by our society and we should embrace natural look of our breasts. You may be right. I totally get where you are coming from. But, I will still wear a bra. Why? Because I don’t have the guts to face the creeps that will stare at me. It is so simple. I would feel naked. Call me prude but I believe that some things should remain private. And nipples peaking under your silk blouse are just one of them. I agree that wearing a bra is a choice, not an obligation. A choice that requires common sense and fast legs if you go home alone at night.

Still, walking around boob-free requires high self-esteem and self-confidence. I admire that. Close your eyes and imagine sitting in an overcrowded metro (underground). It was steaming hot when you left your house, but down here, the air conditioning gives you goosebumps. And you are not wearing a bra. There is a seventeen-year-old boy sitting opposite you with his eyes fixated on your chest. The guy next to him follows his stare. And the two teenage girls standing above you are making comments. How does it make you feel? If you can imagine staring back at them and walking away with your head high, good for you! You are ready for your first boob-free promenade! Embrace the freedom and please, be kind to those of us who are not there yet!

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flower printed summer dress

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printed summer dress / currently wearing

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spaghetti straps dress / currently wearing

currently wearing / chloe-sofia / august


H&M Dress with spaghetti straps (similar style), 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, My Maracuja Panama hat (out of stock, similar style), Bucherer bracelet.

Chloe-Sofia: Handmade Dress from Czech Republic (similar style here and here).

Photos by Surekha Photography.



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