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When Chloe-Sofia started putting her hands and fingers in her mouth, I was quite worried. She used so much force that it looked like she was going to throw up. We kept pulling her hands out thinking that she would harm herself if she continued doing that. It didn’t stop her so we went to see our pediatrician, who calmed us down. She said that it was a normal behavior and recommended buying a teething toy. (P. S. Unlike Alex, I feel uncomfortable every time we go to our pediatrician. Although she is nice, calm and Chloe-Sofia likes her, I am afraid she thinks that we are one of those hysterical and helpless new parents. OK, if I am completely honest, I (!) feel like one of those stressed, overprotective mothers that I hoped I would not become. And voilà, here we are. Alex says that it is better to be safe than sorry. I say that I’d rather ask around or google the answer.

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Anyhow, this whole hands-in-the-mouth episode made me think about other things. Soon, Chloe-Sofia will be putting everything in her mouth to get to know the world around her. And that means also my jewelry. Already now she is chewing my t-shirts when I try to burp her. Soon she will be pulling and chewing on my necklaces. But is my jewelry safe? Besides gold and silver, I like to wear costume jewelry made of nickel or brass. I don’t think it is super healthy to chew on it. So what choices do I have besides wearing no jewelry at all? That is when I found out about teething jewelry by Trendy Mama. Until then, I did not even know that something like “teething jewelry” existed. It is a jewelry made of 100% food-grade silicone that is safe for both mother and child. It does not contain BPA, PVC, phthalate or heavy metals. I like that this brand is Swiss and that it was created by a women who is also a mother.  

blog mode suisse/ currently wearing

For this post I wore two necklaces from their collection that I like the most: Macarelletta – peach and Ibiza – peach crème.

They also have bracelets and pacifier holders in their collection. I got this pacifier holder for Chloe-Sofia. It is one of those practical things  that makes your life easier. Especially if your little one finds it funny to spit the pacifier out.

I am wearing off-the-shoulder top by Mango.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.






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