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Off-the-shoulder top / currently wearing

Happy Monday everyone!

This off-the-shoulder top is so easy to wear that I can’t get enough of it. I discovered Soaked in Luxury some time ago. I like their feminine style and the quality of work. You may remember the blouse that I wore in this post. It is from the same brand. Right now I am all about loose, flowy tops that are both comfortable and flatter my silhouette. Until I get back my toned belly, I will not feel comfortable in tight tops. And it is the same with pants. Anything “skinny” does not flatter my hips and tights. My body has changed and whether I like it or not, I have to adjust. I bought several pairs of loose pants in H&M and keep wearing them on repeat. Even though there are sales in Geneva right now, I do not feel like shopping. I’d rather work hard on getting my pre-pregnancy body back… I can buy some new clothes afterwards. Right now, my closet is all about mixing and matching.

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If you find these photos a bit different, it is because I found a new photographer- Surekha. Alex will take my photos when someone can babysit Chloe-Sofia. We tried taking photos with her and found it very hard. I get stressed when she cries (which is like all the time) and I can’t relax. I feel guilty and selfish that I want to take photos of myself instead of making sure that she is alright. When I work with someone else, I am calm and relaxed. I know that Chloe-Sofia is at home with her daddy and they are doing great. I really admire other bloggers who take photos with their kids and look relaxed and happy. How do they do that? But here we go, I said I will not compare myself to others and I am doing it again!

Off-the-shoulder top / currently wearing

currently wearing_Chloe bag

This week we are going to Paleo music festival. I can’t wait! Since I met Alex, I went to Paleo every year. I love the music but also the atmosphere, energy, food and the people who go there. This year we will see Chemical Brothers and some other bands and artists which I don’t know. I love Chemical Brothers since my teens and this is the first time I will see them perform. So for those of you who don’t know them, here is one of their songs that I love the most.

I am wearing: Off-the-shoulder top: Soaked in Luxury (similar style), loose pants: H&M (similar), sandals: New Look, Chloé Marcie handbag (available here), earrings (costume jewelry from South Africa), turquoise bracelet (from my mom), golden bracelet from Bucherer.

Photos by Surekha Yeshwanth

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  • Amanda

    Have fun at the festival!! I love off the shoulder tops. So nice for summer. Also, I really like the yellow bag you have. Perfect pop of bright sun shine color.

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