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This white blouse was my first purchase after giving birth. I thought I would keep wearing my pregnancy clothes for some months after Chloe-Sofia was born. But that worked only for two weeks. Afterwards, the pregnancy clothes were big and unflattering. I chose this flowy. white blouse because it hides the postpartum belly. They say that you have to give yourself some time and can’t expect miracles overnight. I know that but it is still hard to look at my body and see how it has changed. I can’t wait till my doctor gives me green light to exercise.

On the other hand, I must admit that I can fit in most of my jeans and pants that I used to wear before I got pregnant. That is what running around a newborn that has colics and cries a lot does to you- you can hardly find time to eat. It has also its negative side- I would like to breastfeed but I did not have enough milk since the beginning and with the stress, I lost even the little that I had. It is been 7 weeks and Chloe-Sofia is getting bigger, calmer and started to sleep longer at night. Now we keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way.

I am wearing white blouse from Soaked in Luxury, Caroll jeans, Toms espadrilles, Chanel handbag, Bucherer bracelet and Polaroid sunglasses.

Chloe-Sofie wears Petit Beateau body and hat and

Photos by Alexander Ramp

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Aaww, Chloe is just the cutest. Simply precious. I remember after Ava was born how hard it was to adjust to my new body, but it does get better. I can’t believe its already been 7 weeks since she was born!


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