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Today is the first warm and sunny day this May. It is also a day off so we took advantage of the weather and went for a walk to a lovely French city Divonne. My doctor has recommended that I walk as much as I can hoping that the baby will get induced naturally. She is already several days late and if she does not change her mind by Monday, they will have to induce her on Tuesday morning. That means that we will go to the maternity clinic on Monday evening. I am really glad that Alex can stay with me overnight. If everything goes well, we will stay there for five days and go home on Friday. It is a beautiful, private hospital that feels more like a hotel and the midwifes are super nice and helpful. They show you how to give bath to your baby, how to breastfeed and advise with any other issues that you may encounter within the first few days while you are there. They also have a chef and the food is supposed to be delicious. It is also such a peaceful place that every time we go there for monitoring of the baby, I don’t want to leave.

I booked a reflexology session for Saturday. It is one of the ways to induce labor naturally besides spicy food, walking, making love, Homeopathy and drinking raspberry leaf tea. I tried all of the above and it has not worked so reflexology is my last chance before medical induction.  I know I will be in the best hands but I still prefer if the baby starts the labor herself.

I guess these are my last pregnant pics. If I don’t give news for some time, please, bear with me. Also, feel free to stop by my Instagram account @currently_wearing to stay updated. Thank you for reading and see you back soon!

I am wearing: Jojo Maman Bébé maternity pants, Ginger Mary dress( from South Africa), Panama hat (from a Madrid milliner), Bokapo earrings (from Czech Republic),  Polaroid sunglasses, Vans sneakers and Chanel handbag.

Photos by Alexander Ramp.

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  • Amanda Brezovsmt

    I can’t wait to see your little girl! You and Alex must be so exicted!! Stay strong my friend. It is an increadibly exhausting process, but so worth it in the end. Hppy Mother’s Day to you!

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