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Today I am wearing one of my favorite non-maternity clothes- denim shirt and a grey maxi dress. I was surprised that I could still fit in it. It is funny to see my belly button sticking out so much. They say it goes back to normal after birth- I hope so.

One of my childhood friends from Prague visited us over the weekend. I showed her my favorite spots in Geneva and we talked about our lives, husbands and kids (two in her case). It is was very special to be able to spend time with her as once you get married, have a regular job and in her case a family, it is hard to see each other regularly. Especially, if you live in different countries. As a mother of two, she warned us not to plan anything (no one can predict what the baby will like or what will be her sleeping or feeding habits). Just expect the unexpected, go with the flow and don’t be rigid. Some people say that you will know what to do once your child is born, other (like my girlfriend) disagree. As you can see, I am getting more and more confused. Everyone has a different idea about everything around the baby starting with vaccination, sleeping and feeding.

She gave me a book called How to be a little sod which describes, day by day, the first year of a new born from his perspective. It is that type of book that you start reading and don’t stop until you are done… I just hope our little one won’t become a little sod!

Happy Monday and have a great start of the week! It is my last “working week” before my maternity leave starts, yay!

 Denim shirt: ONLY, Dress: American Vintage, Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Heels: Dorothy Perkins.

Photos by Alexander Ramp




how beautiful is it to capture this proud mom moments?

i wish you and ur family all the best !!!

With kindest kisses from,
Amasingly – Light, Love, Lifestyle


Thank you so much, Kristina!


Such a comfy outfit that can take you from the coffee shop to the airport, and beyond! xo, Pam


Miriam, thanks for a great weekend! you look stunning! and that purse is beautiful:-) pusu Anicka


You look far more gorgeous than I did when I was pregnant. I was a mess 🙂 and not a hot one, either. I read a lot of books from Miriam Stoppard while expecting but when Eve arrived, most of my decisions were made based on what felt right. My gut, to be honest. Yes, I listened to how others managed and soaked up as much information as I could from parenting magazines/books/websites but the end of the day, I did what I felt was right and best for my baby 🙂 you’ll be alright, babies are surprisingly tenacious. Just remember to take time for yourself so you’re rested and healing, and can think/decide with clarity xoxo


Incredible photos. You look magnificent!

Blonde in Cashmere


You look absolutely stunning! This dress is perfect on you! Wish you an amazing day 🙂

Check out my blog if you want:

Tamara xxx


you are GORGEOUS! i love


Natalie Off Duty


You look so relaxed and polished in this outfit! That bag is stunning too. It’s so nice to be able to catch up with friends. I know since having Ava, I don’t see mine as much as I used too. My little piece of advice is to go with the flow in the beginning. You’ll soon learn your babies habits and figure out a schedule. Then, once you get the schedule down, try to stick to it as close as possible. Babies like having a routine.


Most put together pregnant person / cutest person pregnant or not! Love this look! Xx, Erin –


Ohhh, thank you so much, Erin!


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