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Good morning, everyone! Until now, I always shared with you my fashion ideas and my personal style. I decided to start a new type of posts in which I will share with you five of my favorite links to articles that inspired me during the week. So without spending too much time talking about it, I will introduce you to links that inspired me last week.

  1. An interesting article about Karolina Kurkova’s dietary habits. Aren’t you curious what a pregnant supermodel eats? You may even learn new recipes!
  2. What are the signs that your partner is emotionally grown up? If you are not sure, than you may need to check this article .
  3. Find out what are the 10 Primal Superfoods. I will definitely include sweet potatoes, fermented cabbage and coconut milk in my diet more often.
  4. The ultimate hooded eye tutorial by Wayne Goss. I started watching his videos more than a year ago. What I like about him is that he is a man and that he creates great tutorials- it is really easy to learn just by watching his videos.
  5. Did you know  that even if you eat the same amount of calories and exercise the same as someone in the 80’s, your BMI will still be higher? Wonder why? Found out here.



Gorgeous bright colors! You look fabulous!



Thank you, Hailey!


This is a great idea Miri! Im definitely cutious what a pregnant supermodel eats! This would have been great when I was pregnant too haha.


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