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maxi-skirt / currently wearing

Look 1:  maxi-skirt with west african prints, black tank top from H&M, black heels from Topshop, Chanel bag.

Look 2: maxi-skirt with west african prints, red heels from Navyboot, black top from H&M, YSL tassel clutch, Polaroid sunglasses and a necklace from Singapore.  

Photos by Alexander Ramp

Hi everyone! How is your week going so far? My first week after coming back from holiday is going to be very short- our office celebrates the end of Ramadan which means that we have a day off on Friday. I plan to go for lunch with a girlfriend and spend the evening with Alex… Most likely, we will end up at our favorite terrace by the lake called Les Voiles . I like the concept- it is opened only in summer and it is clean, modern, chic and not expensive (in comparison to other popular places in Geneva).

Today I combined two looks that we shot some time ago. The maxi-skirts belong to my friend who brought them back from Africa. I love how body-hugging they are and the African wax prints. I wish I could keep them. Can you believe that they are more than 10 years old? I doubt that a skirt from a high-street store would survive that long…



Both of these are such pretty skirts! I never wore the maxi style until recently, but I’ve been totally loving it.


And you look beautiful in all maxi skirts that you have been wearing lately, Amanda. I love your pregnant style. You are such an inspiration!



The prints are stunning — I can’t decide which I like more! You wear them beautifully!



Thank you, Hailey! Have a great Thursday!

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